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Date of birth: January 31, 1992

Nationality: German

Nickname: Oli

That’s me: Mountain bike professional & trainer

My GHOST bike and I go together: on my daily training sessions, to competitions, and on vacation

Hobbies: in addition to cycling: climbing, camping, traveling and tinkering with my camper van


Instagram: sundayrides_mtb

YouTube: OliverSonntag

Facebook: OliverSonntag

Hi guys,

My name is Oli Sonntag and I am from beautiful Bamberg in Franconia, Bavaria. Since I turned 13, I have been crazy about mountain bikes and there is no end in sight. It all started with a rickety Aldi bicycle which my brother and I put through its paces in the skate park until it basically fell apart. Through tedious jobs like delivering newspapers I finally scraped enough money together and was able to afford my first real mtb. In that moment I knew: There is nothing I love more in this world than riding through the woods, in skate or bike parks with friends, and having fun.

As it is typical in our circles, I finished my training as mechatronics technician first, did additional training later and graduated as a state-certified technical engineer. I worked hard for my goal which was my financial independence. During this time, though, I realized that this was not what gave my life meaning, what I was really passionate about doing.

That’s why I decided a few years ago to change course, change my calling so that what I was doing didn’t feel like work anymore. In 2018, I founded my bike school Sundayrides and began training mountain bikers of all disciplines together with my small team.

In addition to my career as bike trainer, I compete myself at numerous bike festivals, Enduro races and other events which focus on having a good time on your bike! I love having fun with friends on our home trails and I am thrilled every time I realize that somebody came to the conclusion that mountain biking is the most awesome sport in the world!

With this in mind -- So long – see you on the trails ;-)


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