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Date of birth: 19 March 1988

Nationality: German

Nickname: Tobi

That’s me: Mountain bike traveler, always searching for my next big adventure and the perfect trail

My trusty companion: my GHOST Bike. My bike accompanies me on all my travels around the globe and is the perfect travel partner: Doesn’t complain, easy to store even in the darkest corner and relatively frugal. And the best part about it: It communicates with people in its own special way and has made me many friends on our travels.

Hobbies:  After a ride, cooking and food are my favorite things to do and enjoy, but so are all things that take place outdoors, like fishing, running etc.


Instagram: tobiaswoggon

YouTube: Tobias Woggon

Facebook: Tobias Woggon

My name is Tobias Woggon. I am from near Cologne, originally, but the mountains were a big attraction and I live in Upper Franconia now. I have been on a bike as long as I can remember. At first, I just roamed the local woods, but then started to compete in races. At first, I competed in downhill marathons, like the “mega avalanche” where 350 people start simultaneously on a glacier and shoot into the first turn at the same time. This evolved into Enduro. For several seasons, I flew around the globe participating in the Enduro World Series and competing in races at the most beautiful spots in the world.

But there came a time where traveling for competitions lost its luster for me, because you were only able to stay at a place for a very short time, impossible to get to know the country and its people. Without the stress of racing, I now travel to the most beautiful trails of the world with my camera equipment in tow, and try to experience the countries as a local, far away from the touristy spots.

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