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Ride down a new, unfamiliar path, embark on an adventure, go travel...


Venture down new paths, over rocks and roots, discover the country!

Or get in a ton of kilometers on paved or gravel trails...


GHOST is expanding its product range with a new gravel bike. The „Fire Road Rage“.

Your new, reliable companion for unconventional rides. Still suitable for every day riding.

The bikes are full of clever features, well thought out down to the very last detail.




The bike is up for anything off paved trails and roads. Are you? On rough gravel tracks the solid 29” wheels with near mtb-wide tires absorb quite a bit, while the sleek carbon frame and its flexible seat- and chainstays also add to your riding comfort.


It doesn’t matter how long your ride is, you will always have a comfortable seating position on the bike. So go for it! 

Venture out into unknown territory! And since you rode so far and long, just spend the night, set up your tent and camp out right next to your bike. “Fire Road Rage” lugs your belongings for you. 







“Fire Road Rage” lugs your belongings for you.

Thanks to numerous mounts for bike bags and bottles, you can safely attach and find a place for everything you might need on your adventure. Cables are routed internally, nothing sticks or rubs and it just looks clean.



Leave your personal comfort zone – get on the bike! Leave civilization, and head into the great outdoors!


Embark on your adventure! The bike is ready for anything. Are you?