News / TOP 10 for Anne and Caro in Les Gets

TOP 10 for Anne and Caro in Les Gets

Nadine fährt mit dem Lector FS um eine Kurve
Nadine fährt mit dem Lector FS um eine Kurve
Anne fährt mit dem Lector FS um die Kurve
Finja Lipp fährt ihre erste Weltmeisterschaft
Nadine fährt mit ihrem Lector über wurzeln
Nadine fährt im Deutschlandtrikot
Caroline fährt für Dänemark bei den Weltmeisterschaften
Jeroen fährt auf seinem E-Riot uphill
Nicole Koller im Trikot für die Schweiz über ein Obstacle

A both successful and energy-sapping World Championship in Les Gets is coming to an end for our GHOST Factory Racing Team. Read all about the successes and setbacks of our athletes.


TOP 10 for Anne Terpstra and Caroline Bohe

After a very successful European Championships in Munich, Anne Terpstra and Caroline Bohe had the chance to prove their skills again in Olympic Cross-Country. While Anne again delivered an outstanding performance on the front ranks with a 6th place, Caroline secured a remarkable 9th place in her first Women's World Cross-Country Championships.

For Nicole Koller, a place among the TOP 20 seemed within reach. Unfortunately, she fell back to 31st place due to a fall and muscular problems. Nadine Rieder felt powerless already in the warm-up and struggled on her Lector FS until the end. Nevertheless, it was enough for her to finish 32nd.  

First World Championship for U23 athlete Finja 

TOP 20 also for our U23 Cross-Country rider Finja Lipp. She convinced at her first World Championships with a very good 19th place.

E-MTB Cross-Country

In the E-MTB Cross-Country category, the combination of Jeroen van Eck and his E-RIOT AM Full Party seemed perfect for a top 10 finish. Unfortunately, a broken chain caused Jeroen to drop back to 31st place. Nevertheless, he is very satisfied with his performance.


What's next?

Our GHOST Factory Racing Team doesn't have much time to recover. Already next weekend, the last World Cup of this year in Val di Sole will call for another top performance from our team.

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