News / Triple victory for GHOST athletes

Triple victory for GHOST athletes

The final stop of the Downmall Tour in Prague is always the most anticipated one. It features the longest track, biggest crowd, fastest riders and, of course, DOUBLE points!

The shopping mall was exploding and the atmosphere was amazing! In the final run it was Tomas Slavik who was the only guy to get under the 40 seconds mark and he took the big win! Because of double points Slavik also took the overall championship win even though he missed the first round in Germany! What a day! Also part of it were Hannes Slavik and Michal Prokop who completed the GHOST podium.


Tomáš Slavík after his race:

“Sometimes, mall racing can get a bit the same over and over and kind of stereotype racing, but when it comes to Prague, it’s a whole different story. I was looking forward to race in front of my home crowd basically from the beginning of the Tour and racing in the Czech Republic is just something I don’t get to do very often during the season. So I’m really enjoying every second out there meeting my friends, family and fans. The track was really fast, physical and reeeally slippery. These were the facts which made the finals look really wild, riders were making mistakes, crashing and it was difficult to put down a good run. Even I made a big mistake in the first turn, but then, the rest of the track was just perfect and I was the only one out there to get under the 40 seconds mark which made me really happy, because these guys are reaaaally fast! The cherry on top was that because of the double points I also took the overall championship title even though I missed the first round in Germany. Super happy about how things went down and can’t wait for another Downmall Tour. Thank you everyone for cheering and pushing us to the finish line! “


Photo credit: Honza K?enek, Michal Kohout, Eastern Gravity, Markus Trösch

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