Having fun has never been so much fun

Discover a complete new riding experience - no matter how tall you are

The most important component of our bikes: pain-free

  • Bike geometry like tailor-made for you

  • Perfect fit without complex bike fitting

  • Gives you safety and full control while riding

Tired arms, numb fingers and aching backs are a thing of the past. Our SuperFit bikes are developed under biomechanical and ergonomic aspects. So you always have optimal posture on the bike and ride free of pain without signs of fatigue. It does not matter if you are 1.56 m or 1.96 m tall or somewhere in between: your new GHOST bike fits you from the ground up just the way it is. This is ensured by our new SuperFit algorithm, which focuses on you and your individual proportions, calculating the perfect fitting bike. Instead of complex bike fitting you only need two tools to make a few adjustments to get your bike set up for you.

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It doesn’t matter if you are a future Cross Country star, relaxed trail rider out with your friends, or someone looking for the ultimate hardtail for daily use – the new SuperFit bikes let you have more fun right from the start.







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