The new geometry concept by GHOST gives you an optimal feeling on your new bike right from the start. Regardless of your height. You will ride with more control, for longer periods of time, with more efficient power transmission.


It doesn’t matter if you are a future Cross Country star, relaxed trail rider out with your friends, or someone looking for the ultimate hardtail for daily use – the new SuperFit bikes let you have more fun right from the start!


Tired arms, numb fingers and aching backs are a thing of the past. Our SuperFit bikes are developed under biomechanical and ergonomic aspects. So you always have optimal posture on the bike and ride free of pain without signs of fatigue.



Thanks to the geometry of our bikes, all contact points are exactly where they belong. This gives you total control at all times. It doesn't matter whether you are riding relaxed tours or tough races, whether you have to master difficult passages or tricky situations: With your SuperFit Bike you simply always feel safer.


Power only makes sense if it gets where it is meant to go. That’s why the power zone below the rider’s waist is perfectly tuned to the intended purpose of each SuperFit model. This means: your leg always pedals in the best possible position so that power is optimally transferred to the bike.


It does not matter if you are 1.56 m or 1.96 m tall or somewhere in between: Your new GHOST bike fits you from the ground up just the way it is. This is ensured by our new SuperFit development approach, which focuses on you and your individual proportions, giving you a completely new riding experience.


Based on hundreds of thousands of biometric data, we developed five different biker clusters that are exemplary for both men and women - and in an extremely wide height range between 1.56 m and 1.96 m. Based on these clusters, our SuperFit algorithm already calculates the perfect geometry for every riding style and size in the development phase.

As a result, your new bike will feel like it was custom made just for you from the very first test ride.

The unique riding experience of our new SuperFit bikes is the result of a holistic view of rider and bike. In the construction phase we defined the riding style (tour, trail or race) as well as the three positions of the contact points: hands/handlebars, feet/pedals and seat/saddle. From this data, which is crucial for your ergonomics, our SuperFit algorithm calculates the ideal geometry of the bike - including the frame as well as all other components.

To make sure that your new SuperFit bike feels like a tailor-made bike right down to the last detail, we pay particular attention to your proportions during our calculations. Depending on the size range, the suspension travel of your fork, the width of the handlebars, the crank length and, in the case of the Nirvana Tour, even the wheel size will change. And naturally, you can also adjust the saddle width exactly to your needs.


The Y-tool can be used to adjust the last small steps, such as the angle of the handlebars or the position of the brake levers.

Saddle Tool

With the saddle tool, which includes measuring tape and water scale, you can measure perfectly in which position, height and angle the saddle should be.

Because the new bike geometry for your size means everything is already in the right place, you only need to make a few adjustments to get your bike perfectly set up for you. You will receive two useful tools for this purpose when you buy: With the Y-Tool you define the tilt of the handlebar and the position of the grips and brake levers.

With the saddle tool - which comes with a measuring tape and spirit level - you can measure the position, height and angle of the saddle perfectly. That’s it: your new SuperFit bike is ready for the first ride!

"I have never ever felt so good and safe on a bike."




Anne Terpstra, winner of the UCI MTB World Cup 2019




Pro rider Anne was involved in the development of the new Lector SuperFit and also won the UCI World Cup in Vallnord/Andorra with the bike. The victory not only brought her back to the top of the world after a long injury break - it is also one of the best confirmations for the new SuperFit concept.

"With SuperFit we have ushered in a new era of bike development."




Tina Kutschki, Mechanical Engineer at GHOST-Bikes




As the lead developer, Tina created the Lector SuperFit, a bike with bold and modern geometry. The SuperFit approach did not restrict her, but rather inspired her - and after the World Cup victory in Andorra, we are looking forward to the many more models that will follow.

Our SuperFit bikes come in different spec levels to do you justice and to meet your needs. If you are a beginner or a pro, we have the right level for you in our range.

BASE: Designed for beginners

ESSENTIAL: For the occasional leisure biker

UNIVERSAL: For the actice leisure biker and daily use

ADVANCED: For demanding bike lovers, equipped with the best components

PRO: For demanding professionals, with components at the highest level

Is SuperFit a new bike fitting system?

SuperFit is not bike fitting. Bike fitting is an attempt to adapt the bike as well as possible to the individual body shape of the rider. For SuperFit bikes, however, measurement data on human proportions was already used during the development process, so that the bike is already suitable for any body height between 156 and 196 cm. Minimal adjustments such as saddle width or brake lever width can still be made.

What if I am shorter than 1.56 m or taller than 1.96 m?

SuperFit bikes currently cover body heights from 156 cm to 196 cm perfectly. Riders under 1.56 m fall into the category of children's or youth bikes. For riders over 1.96 m we unfortunately do not have any suitable bikes ex works at the moment, but we are planning to be able to offer suitable models in the future. If you want to stay informed about the latest developments, please subscribe to our newsletter.

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