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Barbara Benko

Date of birth: January 21, 1990

Nationality: Hungary

Height: 174 cm

Weight: 63 kg

Hobbies: Family, friends, coffee addict, outdoor adventures

Social Media: Instagram: @benkobarbi Twitter: @barbara_benko Facebook athlete page: Barbara Benkó

Barbara Benko, who goes by “Barbi”, doused her competitors even as a child. That was mostly due to the fact that she loved water at the tender age of three years, and competed in many swim competitions in her youth.

“I loved being in the water and did a swim class when I was only three years old. As I got older, I competed at many swim competitions. Swimming is huge in Hungary, we are very proud of our Olympic medal winners and World Champions. But I still got bored with it fairly quickly.” Barbi comes from a very athletic family, her Mother is a physical therapist and her Father was a track star who today owns two bicycle shops and coaches the National Team. That’s how all roads led to sports for Barbi. 

After a short excursion into basketball, she found MTB and knew after her first training that this would end up being her sport. A few short weeks later, she participated in her first competition and won – her Dad as her coach right there with her. 

Her first competition happened to be the National Championships in the U11 age bracket! The father-daughter combo traveled together on countless very successful MTB trips until Barbara moved up to U23.

As a Junior, Barbi was very successful as well, which is even more impressive because the almost 30-time Hungarian Champion graduated from high school at that time. She always realized that life after sports was very important. She wanted to go to college and build a foundation for her career afterwards. She started to study medicine, but realized that it was not possible to combine her medical studies with a professional mountain biking career. So she switched to optics and mountain biking stayed Barbara’s number one.

Aside from her personal highlight - having finally won all three National Champion Titles in XCO, CycloCross and Road in the same year, Barbi is not done yet: “I am highly motivated and my XCC World Cup podium finish this year made me realize that I can further leverage my potential with the professional help of my team backing me up! I am very much looking forward to next year and still have some goals on my agenda which I want to achieve!” says Barbara and wants to assist the younger girls on the team with her wealth of experience.

En casa con Barbara Benko


Si quieres saber cómo es la casa de Barbi, mira toda la storia aquí!

Barbi's Highlights

2019 – 2015 TOP10 results at World Cup and European Championships

Hungarian Champion Road / CX / XCO 2018

31x Hungarian Champion: 9x CycloCross, 2x Marathon, 20x XCO

2nd place World Cup XCC La Bresse 2018

2012 Olympic Games London

2011 2nd place Overall World Cup U23 XCO 2011


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