Jowi Cnossen

Date of birth:4 July 2008
Height:184 cm
Weight:63 kg
Mentor:Anne Terpstra


Mountain biking, cyclocross.

I am a mountain biker and cyclocrosser. When I was 4 years old, I had my first race at Mountain Bike Club Bar-end in Apeldoorn. Ever since then I ́ve been part of Bar-end and am now part of the Bar-end Ghost Junior team. When I was younger, before I started racing, I used to cheer for my sister who raced. When I was 7 years old, I started competing in national cyclocross races and won. I tried a mountain bike race, thinking I would also win, but there were stronger competitors. Since I started racing, I have been the Dutch National Champion 3 times in mountain biking and cyclocross.

When I first started training, I rode with my Oma (Grandmother) and enjoyed riding and especially getting ice cream afterwards. Now I train with friends or alone and still enjoy it. My goal is to continue to enjoy mountain biking and compete at the highest level.

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