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Date of birth: May 2, 1997

Nationality: Switzerland

Height: 170cm

Weight: 61kg

Hobbies: Family & friends, reading and cooking

Social media

Instagram: @niciii_koller


Nicole Koller is the youngest in her family of 5. When she was young, she tried out different sports, like swimming, gymnastics, ice skating and track & field. When her two older brothers discovered mountain biking, it didn’t take long and the whole family was hooked. Nicole was barely 7 years old when she stood at the starting line for the first time. “The first few years, I could only see my competition from behind and the family rides were more or less torture”. But she didn’t want to give up and hung in there. The better her performance got, the more joy and passion she felt.

When it was time to decide between gymnastics and mountain biking, her choice was clear and easy. Mountain biking and the friendships that came with it were much more important to Nicole.

Before she wanted to fully concentrate on her athletic career, Nicole finished her professional training. In addition to mountain biking, she also rode road and Cyclo Cross competitions during her U19 years.

“That was a very successful time and I got to celebrate a Junior World Champion title in cyclocross and runner-up European Champion title on the road.” After finishing her professional training and by entering into the Swiss elite sports military school, Nicole decided to fully focus on her athletic career. In her first U23 year, she already managed to score a World Cup podium spot. Nicole was able to improve year after year and delivered more and more solid performances and great results. “2019 was my last year as a U23 rider and I really wanted to finish on the podium again. Ending up in fourth place four times was a little disappointing for me”.

Her first season as an Elite rider was a special, Covid-19 related one consisting of only 4 major competitions. Nicole was able to improve race after race and finished in 9th place at the last competition, which was the European Championships.

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