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The GHOST gravity section unites gravity riders from all disciplines, from Fourcross to Dirtjump to Enduro. In the field of Fourcross, we not only had the world's best riders in our teams, but we were also building the most successful bikes. Our legendary 4X hardtails and fullies dominated races worldwide and were the most coveted frames.

From Pumpbattle to Fourcross to Cityraces and Enduro training, they are the all-purpose weapons of our pro riders – and we are proud of every victory of our boys. In addition to Tomas Slavik, Felix Beckeman is another GHOST rider with world championship honors – after many second places, the likeable Swede finally managed to put on the rainbow jersey in 2017. In 2021, the sympathetic Andi Brewi joins the team and provides a lot of fuss in Full Party mode.

Follow the GHOST Gravity around the world.

Slavik takes the lead for GHOST - 4x Pro Tour

After 3 victories from the three 4x Pro Tour races held so far (Fort William, Winterberg, Dobrani), the next one followed last weekend.

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Tomas Slavik is the new champion of Urbano Manizales

If someone can call himself "Urban Downhill Champ", it's Tomas Slavik. The Czech once again won another crazy urban downhill in South America.

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