Jeroen van Eck

Date of birth:14 May 1993
Height:182 cm
Weight: 74 kg


coffee lover who likes to cook and eat with friends and family. Learning new things and exploring new places (if possible together with my girlfri
Team: GHOST Racing Teamend).

E-MTB is the future

Jeroen van Eck is at home in the E-MTB and Cross Country Eliminator disciplines. In the fast and explosive Eliminator discipline he is one of the best in the world and has already won the UCI World Cup Overall twice and several international titles.

Jeroen was one of the first riders to embrace the emerging E-MTB discipline. In 2021, he won his first UCI World Cup E-MTB. In the coming years, he will focus primarily on the various E-MTB disciplines. For him, this is the future of cycling. 

"I am determined to achieve the best with a professional spirit. In doing so, I work in a process-oriented way, with an eye for detail and the goal of quality. I am always looking for new opportunities and ways to improve, which takes me to a higher level of sport. I'm a pioneer and not afraid to try new things and disciplines, my creativity and 'out of the box' thinking serves me well."


"Riding an E-MTB can be technically and physically challenging. You can ride trails and obstacles you couldn't ride before and explore places you would never get to in a day on a regular bike. I want to inspire and show that riding an E-MTB can be fun, physically demanding and adventurous. I'm really excited and looking forward to doing this together with Ghost!"

Jeroen's goal for the next few years is to develop from a top talent to a top athlete. Achieving this goal is Jeroen's big dream, and he is working hard to achieve it.

"From the first moment I came in contact with the people at GHOST, it felt like I was joining a warm family. Everyone is very knowledgeable and great at what they do, but it's the personal feeling that makes all the difference. Combined with their own approach (e.g. Traction Link & Superfit) and their mature fleet of bikes, I look forward to the years ahead. Let's push boundaries together!"


2nd XCE World Cup, DE, Winterberg
5th XCE World Championships
4th E-MTB XC World Cup BEL, Spa-Francorchamp
4th E-MTB XC World Cup, ESP, Costa Brava-Girona

1st XCE World Cup Overall
1st XCE European Championships
1st E-MTB XC World Cup Girona
4th E-MTB XC World Cup Overall

2nd XCE European Championships
1st XCE World Cup Barcelona
1st XCE World Cup Waregem
2nd XCO Dutch National Championships
7th E-MTB XC World Championships

1st XCE Dutch National Championships
1st WES E-Bike Barcelona

1st XCE Overall World Cup
4th XCE World Championships
1st XCE Dutch National Championships

1st XCE Dutch National Championships

1st XCE European Championships

Jeroen`s Bikes

E-Riot EN CF Pro
E-Riot Trail CF Advanced

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