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Tomáš Slavík excels in Miraflores

Tomáš Slavík set the fastest time of the first international urban downhill competition in Miraflores at Red Bull Cerro Abajo.

Red Bull Cerra Abajo in Miraflores, Peru

25. June2022

With Valparaíso and Montserrat, the Red Bull Downhill Series has two established races in South America.
In one of Lima's most traditional districts, Miraflores to be precise, a Cerra Abajo race will be held for the first time this year. 
But what makes this race different from the other two? 

The race takes place at night and the route (you can find an overview here) goes through one of the most emblematic places of the coastal district.

The course of this first edition of the Red Bull Miraflores Cerro Abajo runs through the entire Bajada Balta in the heart of Miraflores and includes a total of 15 obstacles on the 1.2-kilometer course.

Tomáš Slavík prevails against the 30 other riders and lands on the podium. With a time of 01:18.736 he took first place. This puts Tomáš ahead of Gonzalo Gajdosech from Argentina and Daniel Roura from Ecuador.


Pictures: Mateo Tassara

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