You can feel it when you pedal, you can feel it in your heart: Our heart and soul, our DNA, our foundation.

The LECTOR has been the epitome of the GHOST brand since its creation.

It evolved, disappeared, came back and was reborn.

And now the time has come - to unleash the uncompromising beast once again!


An evolution, which equals a revolution: An E-bike like no other.

The brand-new LECTOR HybRide is the benchmark for a new era:

uncompromisingly light, incomparably strong and out-of-this-world fun to ride.





High-tech in perfect unity with exquisite design: Shimano’s powerful E 8000 motor,

ideal for the most challenging terrain thanks to optimum performance, power and a natural riding feel.

To deliver maximum performance, we even designed shorter crank arms:

More ground clearance and higher cadence, which responds to the motor at the right rev range,

guarantee new, not yet reached levels of performance. The integrated, easily detachable battery is air-cooled

– an effective way to prevent overheating while reducing frame weight. Form follows function

– but the uniquely edgy design remains.

The extremely stiff chassis with low top tube provides enormous freedom to move – and gives the seat

stay even more room for comfort. Speaking of geometry: it is modern – reflecting the zeitgeist;

a flat steering angle, greater reach and steep seating angle. And to top it all off, we put the bottle cage on the seat tube

– enabling a complete drop of the seat post.





We cover new ground with the HybRide LECTOR. And to cover it well, we were looking for inspiration!

We found it in a sport which has always been about an engine, two wheels and really challenging terrain: Motocross.

Best possible grip, power transmission with optimum traction, safety on the rear wheel, outstanding

directional stability and roll-over qualities in the front are the the new benchmarks. That’s why our MXer

concept uses traction-strong 27.5”+ wheels in the rear, paired with thinner 29” wheels in the front.

All we left out is the thrott

Four bikes for a Halleluja: That’s what you are going to say when you see one of them for the first time!

Breathtaking design, top-quality manufacturing and elaborate paint work. In addition, we offer specially

selected E-bike specific components like wheelsets with self-locking nipples, enforced spokes and

freewheels, combined with powerful 4-piston braking system for reliability in even the toughest conditions.

All LECTOR models come with our MXer concept, premium quality components and Maxxis tires.

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