Touring e bike from GHOST: not just the right companion for long tours

Are you looking for a pedelec all-rounder to explore the region on long tours both on and off paved roads? At the same time, do you want a bike that works for short errands in the city? All of this is possible with touring e bikes from GHOST!

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Ideal for long distances: GHOST touring e bike

Do you love to spend your free time on extended rides with your touring e bike, both on the road and on varied terrain? Do you like powering across hill and dale and enjoying nature? But would you also like to use your e bike for short trips around town, for example on your work commute? Are you wondering which e bike is best suited for all of these types of riding? With a GHOST touring e bike you are guaranteed to make the right choice!


You can buy our touring e bikes in both full-suspension or hardtail mountain bike versions. They are available with 29- or 27.5-inch wheels and are equipped with a Bosch or Yamaha motor, depending on the model.

A GHOST touring e bike will take you everywhere

Head up, feet on the pedals and off you go. Touring e bikes let both men and women take off on adventures both big and small. These reliable electric bikes are perfect for long rides because the motor supports you whenever you need it to. Bosch and Yamaha are two manufacturer partners who also focus on the same values as we do:


P First-class quality

P Innovative technologies

P Many years of experience


Buy a high-quality touring e bike in our online shop now and let the electric power support you on all your rides!


GHOST touring e bikes

Electric bikes from GHOST will impress on extended tours, in relaxing terrain and on your commute or rides around town. They possess the perfect combination of design and high-quality components. The fully integrated battery scores big points with its superb capacity and long range. When it comes to weight, these light touring e bikes have no reason to be shy either. A touring e bike from GHOST is a compact and reliable companion.


What are the advantages of touring e bikes from GHOST?

GHOST touring e bikes are designed for a wide range of uses. They possess technical sophistication:


·        Suspension fork: Touring e bikes from GHOST have suspension travel of 100 to 130 mm. They are ideal for riding on forest trails, loose surfaces, light trails or city streets.

·        Frame size: The right frame size is crucial so you don’t waste energy and can maximise full performance while riding. When making your decision, look for the right ride geometry and comfortable contact points: handlebars, pedals and saddle.

·        Wheel size: Our touring e bikes come with either 29- or 27.5-inch wheels.

·        The gears: Your GHOST touring e bike will of course allow you to ride on roads in the city as well as off-road in the country. The more gears you have, the more flexible you are and the more effectively you’ll find the right cadence.

·        The saddle: Since you want to use the touring e bike not just for short rides but also for extended tours, you need the right saddle to stay comfortable. A comfortable ride position is also essential for longer distances.

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