Riding a bike is not just one of the most beautiful things in the world, it also means freedom - especially for children. Who doesn't remember that feeling simply kicking off, pedaling to your neighbor's house, and setting off on adventures? Kids deserve a safe, reliable bike to really have fun with, and one that helps them learn quickly. GHOST kids mountain bikes are just that: faithful companions to discover the world with.

The Kids Mountain Bike series includes the right model for all kids, no matter how tall they are or what their color preference is: POWERKIDDY balance bikes for the littlest ones, 12 and 16 inch POWERKIDS bikes for their first pedaling attempts, 20 and 24 inch KATO and LANAO kids bikes and 26 inch mountain bikes for the "big ones".

Kids balance bike: first steps towards a bicycle

Our POWERKIDDY balance bike helps the very young to train motor skills, build coordination, and learn to balance with ease. It prepares the little ones perfectly for riding a bicycle - the ideal start into the world of biking.

12 & 16 Inch Bikes for Kids: support for early bicycling

Safety is paramount during their first attempts with the bicycle. That's why our 12 inch and 16 inch Bike "POWERKID" models are not only particularly sturdy, but thanks to their training wheels, pennant on the rear wheel and many other extras, they also offer optimum protection and safety for their first pedal strokes. Suitable for children from 95 to 120 cm tall.

20 Inch Mountain Bikes for Kids: Improving riding technique with ease

Sturdy, low-maintenance and precisely tailored to the needs of children – but already built in the style of the "big" bikes. With our KATO and LANAO 20 inch mountain bikes, we developed a cool, safe and visually appealing kids bike based on the adult series - perfect for growing bikers between 115 and 135 cm tall.

24 Inch Mountain Bikes for Kids: Cool bikes for boys and girls

Our KATO and LANAO 24 inch Mountain Bikes are suitable for kids & young bikers from 130 to 145 cm tall. Equipment and design are inspired by the "big" bikes for adults - but optimized for kids.

26 inch Mountain Bikes: For growing mountain bikers

For a kid between 140 and 160 cm tall, youth bikes with 26 inch Mountain Bike wheels are the right choice. Once again, the adult versions of the LECTOR, KATO and LANAO serve as role models. The kids versions are in no way inferior to their counterparts, and are their successful entry into the biking world.

Our 27.5 Mountain Bikes

Our 27.5" Mountain Bikes are the right choice for young bikers who are not yet fully grown, but have high expectations. These full-suspension bikes are built for trails and combine plenty of suspension travel with high-quality components and a geometry that is tailored to young riders.


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