GHOST balance bikes for kids – learn to ride a bike while having the most possible fun

Perfect for those tiny explorers – GHOST balance bikes. Our little ones are bursting with the desire to discover things and stay in motion. With balance bikes they’ll easily be able to develop new motor skills and train their balance at the same time.

Their first adventures on two wheels are about to begin!

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Their first adventures with GHOST balance bikes

Children want to discover the world – and not just on foot! When our little ones start walking, they have this almost unstoppable urge to stay in motion. With a GHOST balance bike, they can get their first experiences on two wheels and learn new motor skills all at once.

Our balance bikes for kids give them the riding skills they need when they make the switch to larger bikes with pedals later on.

GHOST balance bikes for toddlers offer the following advantages:


·        They don’t have pedals or brakes.

·        Children regulate speed with their feet.

·        Balance bikes make it easy to learn and improve new motor skills.

·        If a child can safely master the rolling and speed regulation, the foot platform is perfect for coasting down slight hills.

·        All of this helps the little ones train their balance and riding skills.


With a bit of practice, some safety measures, and these new skills, it's time to get those feet up and roll! And THAT is the exactly what kids love about balance bikes – ROLLING!


The POWERKIDDY 12 balance bike from GHOST

Our POWERKIDDY 12 balance bike helps children discover the world around them safely and having loads of fun. It is more than just their first bike – balance bikes are reliable companions for little kids on tour:


·        This balance bike is designed for kids from 90 to 95 cm tall.

·        The handlebar ends are fitted with rubber pads.

·        The balance bike with bar has a platform to place their feet.

·        It has a narrow handlebar and safety grips.

·        The frame is made of lightweight aluminium.

·        The design is colourful and kid-friendly – from the fork to the saddle.


At GHOST we build high-quality bicycles that stand for quality, innovation, confidence, and reliability. And of course, we also want to offer this to our little ones. Whether it’s on asphalt or a forest path – the mini balance bike is a safe, easy, and comfortable way for kids to get their first taste of cycling!

What age is ideal for a balance bike?

The age of your child always determines which balance bike is the most suitable. Usually the starting age for a balance bike is 2 to 3 or 4 years. But the prerequisite should always be that they can walk confidently and keep their balance.


And up to what age can children ride balance bikes?

The small bikes have the advantage that children can be introduced to cycling slowly.

When the youngsters feel confident on hilly terrain and are a little older, you can switch to a kid's bike with a chain and brakes.

Balance bikes give kids a good command of steering and balance – THAT is the big advantage. This makes pedalling and braking much easier later on.


Once the kids have outgrown the balance bike,

GHOST has models for all other sizes and colour preferences. From our Minis – cute kid’s bikes from 12 to 16 inches – to our 24-inch bikes with suspension forks and disc brakes.


At GHOST you’ll find bikes that give even the smallest ones great freedom on two wheels – for any age and height!

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