• Sturdy aluminum frame

  • For kids between 95 and 120 cm tall

  • Safety equipment with training wheels, bell and pennant

  • Child-friendly design

  • Our models: POWERKID 12, POWERKID 16

Once the first step has been taken, children can hardly wait to get on the first bike of their very own. But parents have many questions before they are ready to purchase: How do I find the right size for my child? What equipment does the kids bike need, and what else do I need to pay attention to?


The POWERKID with 12 Inch Bike wheels comes in four exciting, child-friendly designs and comes standard with bell, pennant, training wheels and chain guard.

TO THE Bikes

POWERKID 16 inch Bike

When the kids have outgrown the 12" age, they transition directly to the larger 16" bike. Here, too, there are four different designs with the standard equipment of bell, pennant, training wheels and chain guard.


Lots of protection on the kids bike

The size of the bikes is given in inches and refers to the diameter of the wheels. Choosing the right size bike should be done according to the child's height. We recommend our POWERKID 12 inch bike for a height of 95 cm. Children 100 cm tall can already go on tour with the POWERKID 16 inch bike.

However, it is important that children try different bike sizes, because this is the only way to find out the perfect size. It's best to make an appointment with a local GHOST dealer and test different kids bikes before buying. When doing so, you should make sure that your child can easily get on and off, that the brakes can be reached without any problems and that their feet can touch the ground.

The safety of our youngest bikers is our top priority. With the pennant and bell, children not only have endless fun on their first outings with the GHOST POWERKID, but are also much more visible. The training wheels on the rear wheel and the wide tires also help them keep their balance.


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