• Sturdy aluminum frame

  • For kids between 115 to 135 cm tall

  • Attractive design for boys and girls

  • Our models: KATO 20", LANAO 20"

At around 6 years of age, a lot of changes come for children: With the start of school, most kids also have a growing desire to be like grown-ups. Of course, this also includes a cool Kids Mountain Bike - and a 20 inch Mountain Bike for Girls or Boys is the perfect choice.

KATO 20" Mountain Bike for Boys

The KATO 20" is our boys 20 inch Mountain Bike, which is available in two versions - Base and Essential. While the KATO Base 20" comes with a rigid fork at the front, little rascals can look forward to a child-friendly suspension fork with 40mm travel on the KATO Essential 20" Mountain Bike.

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LANAO 20" Mountain Bike for Girls

For the girls, the LANAO 20" girls Mountain Bike is also available in a rigid fork version (LANAO Base 20") and a version with suspension fork (LANAO Essential 20"). Off you go on your first trails!

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The Mountain Bike for active kids

The 20 inch kids bicycle is recommended for children between 115 to 135 centimeters tall. When choosing the right frame size, it is essential to make sure that the child can touch the ground with both feet, that the brakes can be easily reached, and that the child can easily get on and off.

Visually, our 20 inch children's bike does not differ from the adult version: gone are the training wheels, chain guards and safety pennants. The kids have moved on to the casual bike school student style. The 20 inch Kids Mountain Bike is not only visually based on the adult models, in terms of quality they are also in no way inferior. The two 20 inch Girls & Boys Mountain Bike models are inspired by the KATO and LANAO adult hardtails. They have been specially optimized for children and are particularly low-maintenance and sturdy.


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