• Sturdy aluminum frame

  • For kids between 130 to 145 cm tall

  • Youthful design for girls and boys

  • Our models: KATO 24", LANAO 24"

Our 24" Kids Mountain Bikes are particularly impressive due to their youthful design, their great performance and the robust, low-maintenance components that are precisely tailored to kids - the best prerequisites for their first big adventures.

More action, more fun, more power: Our GHOST KATO 24" for Boys and LANAO 24" Girls Mountain Bikes are powerful mountain bikes for kids that can easily keep up with adult bikes. When building the bikes, we paid special attention to meet the needs of Girls & Boys and make the bikes particularly rugged, maneuverable and safe.

KATO 24" - Boys 24 Inch Mountain Bike

With the KATO 24 inch Mountain Bikes we have built a cool, safe and visually appealing children's bike. It is rugged, low-maintenance, and specially designed to meet the needs of children. The KATO Base 24" comes with rim brakes, while the KATO Essential 24" is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes.

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LANAO 24" - Girls 24 inch Mountain Bikes

Attention, young ladies - here comes the LANAO girls Mountain Bike with 24 inch wheels. The bike is available in two different equipment variants - Base and Essential. The only difference: While the Base is equipped with classic rim brakes, the Essential features hydraulic disc brakes. 

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