• Sturdy aluminum frame

  • Recommended for children 140 to 160 cm tall

  • Our models: LECTOR KID, KATO 26", LANAO 26"

Kids become people - and young cyclists become the new biker generation. Whether ambitiously uphill, relaxed on long distances or playfully downhill on the trail: Young riders like to let it rip. Our hardtail mountain bikes with 26 inch wheels provide riding fun and the necessary safety. This youth bike is suitable for children, teenagers and short adults who are 1.55 m tall, and convinces with its adult look and perfectly matching components.

LECTOR KID - 26 Inch Mountain Bike

Our LECTOR is legendary - and that's exactly why we took the race hardtail as a model for our youth bike. The LECTOR KID Base is the perfect mountain bike for ambitious youngsters. With its 26 inch Mountain Bike wheels it excels at their first Cross Country races or extended tours.

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KATO 26 - 26 Inch Mountain Bike

While 26 Inch Mountain Bike wheels used to be standard on all adult bikes, today they are more likely to be installed on youth bikes. And so the youngsters ride with agile, playful 26" wheels to easily navigate around every turn. The KATO 26” feature the same equipment as “the big ones”, but thanks to the triple crank, they offer a little more bandwidth when shifting. 

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LANAO 26 - 26 Inch Girls Mountain Bike

For young up-and-coming bikers (and little ladies), the LANAO 26" is perfect for enjoying their first trails and off-road adventures. 26 inch Mountain Bike wheels, 24 gears and hydraulic disc brakes make the LANAO 26" the best entry into the mountain bike world.  

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