GHOST Recon Ride in Riva del Garda

The fun event at Lake Ledro

The GHOST Recon Ride will take place on May 3rd at beautiful Lake Ledro, Italy, as part of the BIKE Festival Riva. Riders who love riding beautiful trails in a relaxed team atmosphere and don’t mind accepting a few offbeat challenges along the way will have a blast at this fun event.


GHOST Recon Ride


At BIKE Festival Riva del Garda

Trails around Lake Ledro

30 km and 700 hm

Eight orientation points and six action points

Starter fee 25 EUR including shuttle, transponder, goodie bag and rescue team

Registration now open

The GHOST Recon Ride will take place on May 3rd at a serene spot, away from the hustle and bustle of the BIKE Festival Riva del Garda. We will shuttle you to spectacular trails around Lake Ledro and will come up with a few challenging tasks to be completed along your ride. You have nearly half a day to hit all required checkpoints. This is not about winning, but about having fun! 

Schedule Recon Ride Riva

Before the start, you will receive a map marked with about eight checkpoints and six activity stations. A shuttle will take all participants from Riva del Garda to Lake Ledro. You will have a chance to get a feel for the lay of the land, and then start as part of a team consisting of two riders - with plenty of time and space to your competition.

You are required to hit all the checkpoints around the lake. Every checkpoint that is found is worth one point. The activity stations will have fun activities in store for you which, in part, demand some skill and have to be completed within a certain time frame. But the priority is still the same: Let’s have some fun!

The total time allowed for this event is 4.5 hours. You should be back at the finish before the time is up in order to be eligible for scoring. We calculated this time window very generously and your time will not factor into your final score. There are two scoring categories – one for women and one for men. We will also have an award ceremony with great prizes for the winners!


Challenge completed.



At the Recon Ride 2018 in Leogang, the participants sawed on the bet. 

The challenges and rules at Recon Ride

The challenges awaiting you at the activity stations will remain a secret ahead of time. You will make it through a total of four stations around Lake Ledro. The timing is up to you! You can decide when to hit each station. If you successfully complete the respective challenge, one point will be recorded on the transponder.

The Recon Ride is all about fun – and not about time or speed. Everyone over 18 (or 16 when accompanied by a parent or guardian) is eligible to participate, and any type of bike is allowed at the GHOST Recon Ride. Helmets are mandatory for all and we strongly advise you to wear protective knee and elbow pads.



Relaxed trail surfing. The participants always start in pairs. 






Registration and starting packet

The entry fee for the Recon Ride is 25 EUR for advance registration online. If you register on site, it will cost 4 EUR extra. There is a limit to the number of participants, so register today through this link.


The starter packet is extensive and includes:

  • Shuttle service from the festival grounds to the start at Lake Ledro
  • GPS Transponder
  • Trail map
  • Rescue team on site
  • Goodie Bag

Registrate here.


Our Social Media Team will report on the fun, and we would be thrilled to see you at the Recon Ride.  


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