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Greta, E-Riot and the E-Bike World Tour 2021

Greta Weithaler on the road for GHOST: On the E-Bike World Tour, the Austrian once again shows what she's got. With the E-Riot Pro Trail she manages to stand the demanding trail for 3 days.

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 GHOST extreme athlete Guido Kunze on his GHOST Road Rage in the Dolomites

Rock around the clock

Guido Kunze already has three entries in the Guinness Book of World Records. But he is not yet satisfied. The extreme athlete is always looking for new challenges. His latest: riding his Ghost Roadrage for 24 hours on the Sella Ronda in the Dolomites. With only one gear.

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GHOST Factory Racing Team - At home with Nicole Koller

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[Translate to English:] homestory nadine rieder

GHOST Factory Racing Team - At home with Nadine Rieder

Nadine Rieder, an Allgäuer with Italian roots, knew early on what she wanted: a trophy, at any price. Many ups and downs, detours and a near career end made Nadine the magnificent mountainbiker she is today.

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mtb full suspension ghost bikes lector fs

Unicorn project

Tom Wickles, our Factory Racing team manager, is addicted to colors. And to extra-ordinary bike builds. So he decided to build his very own interpretation of our LECTOR full suspension. Enjoy the geeky details.

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ghost factory racing teamcamp 2021

GHOST Factory Racing Team - On high spirits

With two new team riders, Nicole Koller and Nadine Rieder joining Lisa Pasteiner, Caroline Bohé and Anne Terpstra the team finally had a chance to get together in beautiful Tuscany, Italy.

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Caroline Bohé on her GHOST Lector.

GHOST Factory Racing Team - At home with Caroline Bohé

Since the beginning of the year Caroline Bohé enriches the GHOST Factory Racing Team. The young Dane comes from a true cycling family. When Caroline rode her first mountain bike race, she was immediately hooked on the sport: "I was always the small, shy girl when it came to road cycling, but mountain biking has awakened my confidence." We visited…

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Home Game - three weeks across South Tyrol

3 weeks, 2 South Tyrolians, 1 mission: biking through their home land, from door to door, from the Puster Valley to the Vinschgau region.

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The most beautiful way to fail - Crossing Tyrol from East to West

Sometimes it just doesn't go according to plan. It is August - Tobi and Konstantin set off with their bikes to cross Tyrol. What this has to do with failure you can read here.

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One condensed season

Smiles all around as the pits in Nove Mesto na Morav? started filling up with all the teams, gathering from all over the world. The firstget-together of all the world’s best mountain bikers, in the autumn of 2020 at one of mountain bikings’ absolute classics.

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GHOST Factory Racing Team - At home with Barbara Benko

Barbara Benko is riding for the GHOST Factory Racing Team since 2018. It was last year when Barbara recognized an inner struggle, realizing that her body was not able to keep up training and racing hard. We found the time to visit her in Hungary and get a deep look into her life as a professional athlete.

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The good is often so near - mountain biking at Hunsrueck

Tobi and Dennis, two good friends, have been to many bike spots around the world. In their own country, however, there is still some catching up to do and so the two decided to go on a bike trip to the Middle Rhine Valley and explore the Hunsrück. An ode to the local trails!

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GHOST Factory Racing Team - At home with Anne Terpstra

Born in the Dutch town of Zierikzee, Anne Terpstra’s journey to becoming one of the world’s fastest mountain bikers is quite remarkable. A hobby which started with her brother, Rien Terpstra, led them on a journey neither of them could have imagined.

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Courage always wins

Anne Terpstra and Tina Kutschki are connected by an exceptional friendship and an exceptional bike. The cross-country star and the GHOST engineer have experienced a unique season in 2019. They catapulted themselves to the top of the bike sports world – and made the new LECTOR a revolutionary bike.

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Slavik rocks South America

Hardly any other name is as closely associated with Urban Downhill Racing as Tomáš Slavík. For years, the Czech gravity rider has been spending every winter in South America to prepare for the bike season in Europe. Meanwhile, Tomáš is something like a "local hero" in South America – and not without reason.

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GHOST Factory Racing Team - Start of a new era

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Expedition Greenland

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Searching for Iceland

Globetrotter and adventurer Tobias Woggon, accompanied by Greta Weithaler, traveled to Iceland in order to discover the fantastic landscapes of this country by bicycle. Where they ended up though, was not in the natural paradise they had hoped for, but in Instagram tourist paradise instead.

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GHOST Factory Racing Team - Ending on a high

What a season it has been. Emotions ran high throughout the year, with both up and downs. Anne Terpstra took her first World Cup win in Andorra, becoming the first Dutch female athlete to ever do so.

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[Translate to English:] Entlang des Eisernen Vorhangs

[Translate to English:] Der Iron Curtain Trail schlängelt sich von der Barentssee bis zum Schwarzen Meer und wartet nur darauf, von dir erkundet zu werden.

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GHOST Factory Racing Team - Sixteen months later

Anne Terpstra, starting from the first start row, blazes to the front. The race unfolded into one of the very best races in mountain biking’s history.

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[Translate to English:] Einmal quer durch Deutschland

[Translate to English:] Wenn einer eine Reise macht. BIKE Redakteur Stean Loibl fuhr von West nach Ost und wir waren dabei.


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GHOST Factory Racing - Falling down & fighting back

With the fifth consecutive champagne shower in Val di Sole as the leading team in the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup, faint smiles show on some faces.

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GHOST Factory Racing Team - What it takes

The season is in full swing. From the team’s base in Waldsassen, riders, staff and material find their way to anywhere around the globe.

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Bike packing Faroe Islands

Crossing Faroe Islands by gravel bike. Tobias Woggon and Max Schumann did a bike packing trip through the islands.

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GHOST Factory Racing - When reality hits

Photographer and writer Irmo Keizer is travelling with our Racing Team during the World Cup season. He gets a close look behind the scenes and shares his impression. Take a look and enjoy.

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GHOST Factory Racing Team - Dramatic scenes in Nove Mesto

In Nove Mesto, the Factory Team was on the podium for the second time in a row. A bittersweet moment, because Nove Mesto had his ups and downs.

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E-Bike Desert Challenge

The multi-day event through the desert features the e-bike as a new mode of sporty mobility, a mixture between bicycle and motorcycle.

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