Close to the pain threshold. The VIOLENT ROAD RAGE transforms all your pent-up emotions into top athletic performances. If you channel it properly, it means essentially one thing: power! This bike puts your power on the pedals and gets everything out of you. 

Clear statement. Clear direction.

Mountain bike for the road or road bike for mountains? When you don't care about the mainstream.

Opinionated, progressive, explosive.


The VIOLENT ROAD RAGE sends a clear message. Those who ride it don't care about rules or genre barriers. The bike’s distinctive looks make it crystal clear: this is someone who cuts his own path. The name really says it all as the VIOLENT ROAD RAGE is a painful hard-liner. The maxim of this cyclocross bike? Efficient down to the last carbon fiber.


The frame is extremely stiff and channels your power straight back to the rear tire – thanks to its highly complex fiber composite structure, which is a special mix of different stress-point focused fiber direction and lay-ups. This enables the rear triangle to generate vertical flex for more traction and improved comfort at the same time – absolutely exceptional!

Mountain bike DNA inside.

Despite its compactness and agility, the frame excels at running smoothly – thanks to its innovative geometry with the slack steering angle.

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“Since I got this bike I do not even remember when my other bikes are. It's a great allround bike for all surfaces. The VIOLENT ROAD RAGE is perfect for all surfaces, for road bike training, gravel rides, CX action or just for ride to bakery in the morning. My favorite bike to pick in the garage."

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"I've been riding the VIOLENT ROAD RAGE for about a year, and have been pleasantly surprised from the start. Especially in everyday life and flowy singletrack I really love it, because you can accelerate so easily. It still feels comfortable on easy trails or in the woods because of the thicker tires and flexible seat stays."

Violent Road Rage 9.8 UC
Violent Road Rage 7.8 LC
Violent Road Rage 5.8 LC

This bike is a secret weapon in the battle man against street! This bike is pure emotion - energy in motion!


Streets, lanes, sun, rain? Don't care – the most important thing is full throttle!


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