e bikes from Ghost: Rediscover freedom

Turn off the stress and turn on the motor – great adventure awaits you with electric bikes from GHOST! We have seamlessly transferred our passion for mountain bikes to the exciting world of electric bikes! The result is smart e-bikes, cleverly designed right down to the last detail and loaded with the best available technologies!

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Electric bikes from Ghost: Double the power for double the fun

We love mountain bikes at GHOST. And it is that same passion that we have now applied to our e bikes.

We build reliable electric bikes with a daring edge that feature our innovative TractionLink and SuperFit technologies.

We have made it a point to place special emphasis on high-quality batteries that deliver top performance in terms of range. Bosch, Yamaha and Fazua are the three partners we work with and whose products embody the same values as ours:


-       Quality

-       Innovation

-       Experience


These partnerships allow us to build bikes with electric motors that leave nothing to be desired!


Our e mountain bikes: Action meets e bike power

These sophisticated electric bikes feature only the best elements of their traditional, analogue counterparts. The only difference you won’t be able to overlook is the motor – these bikes will take you anywhere! You can choose between hardtail and full-suspension e-bikes.


If you want to buy an electric bike, the riding you want to do plays a decisive role in the decision: Do you prefer relaxed tours in accessible terrain or are you always looking for a more difficult trail to conquer?

Our electric bikes are superbly adapted for any undertaking:


·        GHOST TOURING ELECTRIC BIKES: The TOURING e-bikes are true all-rounders. They are not only suitable for long rides in the city, but also out on fields or forest paths. These hardtail electric bikes have an stylish, high-performance Bosch battery integrated into an aluminium frame. They are available with 29 or 27.5 inch wheels.

·        GHOST TRAIL ELECTRIC BIKES: Obstacles, jumps and speed are absolutely no problem for these electric bikes! They are GHOST’s all-rounders that show skills on both uphills and downhills. The set-up with 150 mm travel at the front and 140 mm at the rear speaks for itself.

·        GHOST ENDURO ELECTRIC BIKES: These bikes are made for demanding trails and steep descents. They score points with plenty of reserve and suspension travel in both the front and the rear as well as with plenty of power in the motor. For relaxed ascents and bombing descents!


GHOST e City and e Trekking: Perfect for everyday life

Enjoy the comfortable advantages of e-bikes in your everyday routine or on a tour at the weekend. These bikes are simply fun to ride – they nearly pedal themselves! All models are equipped with a powerful Bosch motor. These Bosch-powered e-bikes are always ready for the hustle and bustle of city traffic or a relaxed tour through the vineyards:


·        GHOST URBAN ELECTRIC BIKES: These bikes are perfect for your everyday routine. They come with everything you need when you go to work, to the café or to the shops: a strong luggage rack, mudguards and an integrated kickstand.

·        GHOST TREKKING ELECTRIC BIKES: The bikes from this line are ideal if you like to ride on dirt roads as well as in the city but don't want to go without the performance.

Which e bike is best for beginners?

e bikes distinguish themselves by the fact that, unlike a pedelec, it can accelerate without your assistance. This means you don't even have to pedal. When you switch on the motor it can power the bike for you. Motor output of up to 500 watts is permitted for this type of bicycle.

Are you a beginner looking for a lightweight electric bike that you can use every day as well as for adventures? GHOST has e-bikes for both men and women to suit every level of experience as well as every area of use.

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