Hardtail MTBs: The all-rounder with endurance for your bike tours

Efficient climbing with maximum downhill fun. Are you looking for a mountain bike that is versatile and that you can use for a wide range of different purposes? Then you will love our hardtail mountain bikes. If you opt for one of these all-rounders you will get a robust, straightforward and reliable mountain bike that is a loyal and enduring companion both on and off the road.

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GHOST hardtail MTBs: Our rough and tumble bikes for all over the mountain

When looking for the right mountain bike, the aspects versatility and stability are particularly important. Do you need a bike that is made for different uses and different types of riding?

·       Forest and fields

·       Gravel roads

·       Moderate trails

·       Cross-country race

·       Alpine cross race

·       Everyday routes

·       Longer tours


With all these types of riding, it's clear that you need a solid and strong bike. We at GHOST recommend a hardtail mountain bike in this case.

What is the difference between a Hardtail and a Fully?

There are basically two types of mountain bikes: hardtails and full suspension. Both types have advantages and disadvantages and are suitable for different riding and trail types. The basic difference between Hardtails and Fullys lies in the suspension on the bikes.

1. Hardtail Mountain Bikes

The name says it all with this mountain bike variant. The term "hardtail" refers to the rear end of the bike having no suspension. Which means:

·       Hardtail MTBs have a fixed rear end.

·       These bikes only have the suspension fork on the front wheel to absorb shocks.

·       As a rule, Hardtails are lighter than Fullys

·       They are also usually cheaper than their full suspension counterparts.


2. Full Suspension Mountain Bikes ("Fullys")

Fullys, on the other hand, have suspension on both the front and rear ends. We developed the TractionLink kinematics for our full-suspension MTBs. This rear shock is what makes your bike “full suspension”, which is especially helpful when riding in extreme terrain:

·       medium to challenging routes 

·       trails with changing surfaces

·       alpine cross or enduro racing

·       bike parks

Rough downhills and big ups and downs with jumps are just your thing? Then take a look at our full suspension MTBs.


What advantages do hardtail mountain bikes offer?

Our hardtail MTBs are made a variety of occasions and terrains. With a GHOST hardtail MTB you always take the safe route. The reason for this is the stability that is guaranteed by the fixed rear frame. So, you always have good traction with your bike. This aspect is especially advantageous for all beginners in mountain biking.

·       A hardtail MTB with a solid frame is more stable and stronger. So, it's better if you like ascents because your weight shifts more to the rear wheel.


·       Due to the lack of TractionLink construction, your bike is also lighter. This is also an advantage if you want to either do loads of climbs with your bike or hit some high speeds in races.


What other features are included in our hardtail MTBs?


·       Our hardtails MTBs are built from two types of materials:

Ø  Robust aluminium (AL):




Ø  Lightweight carbon-fibre (LC):



·       Suitable trail or touring hardtail mountain bikes are also available with different wheel sizes. You can get either 27.5 or 29 inch wheels.

·       If you want to buy a hardtail MTB, make sure you choose a frame size that fits your body’s dimensions. Our GHOST hardtail mountain bikes are available in the following sizes:


145-160 cm


155-170 cm


165-180 cm


175-190 cm


185-200 cm


195-210 cm


·       Our hardtail mountain bikes are available for both men and women . The difference lies in the frame designs:


Ø  The men's hardtail mountain bike has an almost horizontal top tube.

Ø  The ladies hardtail mountain bike has a sloping top tube. Have a look at our GHOST LANAO LINE line.


Hardtail bike, but not a mountain bike?

Are you looking for other bikes that also have a fixed rear triangle but are not mountain bikes? Then check out our other categories:

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