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Author: Amrei from GHOST


After a season of ups and downs, podiums and injuries, the GHOST Factory Racing Team had a conciliatory end of the season in North America.


The first stop of the World Cup in North America was in Snowshoe, Virginia. Despite the remote location of the venue, Snowshoe is considered a spectatormagnet, creating a unique atmosphere with loud cheering, clapping, and the occasional chainsaw.

Isla Short was able to join the starting lineup spontaneously for the XCC on Friday. She started just behind her teammates, who were able to race from the third row due to their good placements. This ensured good starting positions for the Olympic distance on Sunday as well. Nicole (20th place) and Anne (13th place) were not entirely satisfied with their results. While Nicole has already identified possible adjustments, Anne acknowledges that she lost several weeks of training in the lead-up to the World Championships but still wants to make the best of it. On a more positive note, Isla (31st place) and Carolin (11th place) are optimistic, viewing their performance as a step in the right direction and are eager for more.


While the weather presented its most beautiful autumn side during the training week and the XCC, the conditions for the XCO couldn't have been any different. Heavy rains turned the toughest race track of the season into a muddy slip and slide show.

However, GHOST didn't adopt the motto "Built for the rough" for nothing. The riders weren't deterred by the weather, chose different tires, and took on the unpredictable race from the third row. The unpredictability was not limited to the weather conditions but also included a puncture that demanded a strong comeback from Carolin Bohé, ultimately placing her in 15th. Isla Short finished in 31st place, while Anne Terpstra managed to weave through the field from 30th to a final position of 14th. Nicole Koller celebrated to her second TOP10 result of her career and is happy to end the season this way.


The team looks back on a season with ups and downs. The riders will now reflect on the past season, draw conclusions from their experiences, and are already looking forward to the upcoming season.

In October, the riders will have the opportunity to share their skills and expertise with 65 young athletes at the annual GHOST Youth Camp.

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