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The bike of kings for the best racers.

Our PATH RIOT is a racing machine in its purest form. The ultra rigid, aggressive full carbon endurance missile targets maximum speed downhill and the top place on the podium. The sensational downhill performance can be explained by the best steel suspension dampers in a lightweight, extremely rigid carbon frame.



For addictive and endless gravity action.

Our FR AMR is an extremely potent ride that has everything you need for an exhilarating bike park experience. It is super precise to control yet forgiving and confidently swallows up the roughest sections with a full 170 mm at the front and 160 mm at the rear: high-octane downhill exhilaration guaranteed.



Explorers off the beaten tracks.

Our H AMR rolls on 27.5-inch tyres in the Plus format, thus offering significantly more control, traction and comfort. The back country buddy tames rugged terrain, but changes with a 29-inch wheelset into a fast AllMountain bike.Our H AMR X has all the makings of a real adventurer for remote places with an extremely low-maintenance pinion gear circuit.



Our trail weapon for on and off-road rides.

The ultimate allround athlete that climbs nimbly and cut a fine figure on the trails. The SL AMR has a balanced geometry, 130 mm at the front and at the rear and high-quality equipment throughout, which can be selected according to your own personal style.



Never leaves you in the lurch: Now in 29“ version; AL or LC

In their 29er version, the SL AMR X with their 150 mm/140 mm travel give as good as they get. The bikes may be playful on the trail but they are also very directionally stable and uphill you can feel the fast SL AMR racing genes. This is a bike that can take anything you throw at it.



Thanks to razor-sharp braking, you can pump up the pedalling volume!

Try the Nivolet racing bike and you’ll never want to leave the saddle. A comfortable endurance athlete that can cover a lot of ground quickly with its pleasant geometry and perfectly appointed equipment - while handling the hills as well as the sprints. And the price-performance ratio is unbeatable - without having to skimp on expert dealer-care.



Our women-only Fully for amateur riders

Our Lanao FS is intended for beginners who are looking for an uncomplicated, easy-going bike to have fun playing around with. Thanks to the feel-good geometry, it gives the impression of a safe ride and simple handling - for a sensational price-performance ratio.



By girls for girl: no empty promises at GHOST! With Tina, our bike engineer, and the XC worldcup womens team we've got perfect conditions for perfect women specific bikes.

Miss bikes


It's never too early to learn biking! Of course, we've got a complete kids bike range from 12" running bike up to the newly developed 26" carbon mountainbike for kids races. Because even the smallest riders need biggest attention!

KIDS bikes


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Full Suspension

Full suspension bikes are the kings and court jesters of the bike world.  With their front and rear travel they rule supreme on any terrain. But anyone who thinks that a Fully is just a matter of adding a travel element seriously needs a little talk with our engineers.  More fun means more technology.  Kinematics, stiffness, weight, stability - everything must be perfectly in tune with each other, down to the smallest detail. New ideas need to be developed and new designs brought into production.  To build a top Fully you need a top team of developers.  And that is exactly what we have: A team that develops the best Fullys for every use We put so much thought into the bikes, from the wheel trajectory to the damper mount, that the only thing you'll be thinking about on the track is how perfectly it all works!


Those who like being off the beaten track aren’t on the lookout for speed or for aggressive shred-ding. For back country bikers the thrill is elsewhere: it’s all about the outdoor experience far from the madding crowds. That is what has inspired our bikes for explorers and trail seekers. An allrounder, made for adventure and reliability and that has something to fall back on when things get tough in the outback: The Plus 27.5-inch tyres can also be swapped for 29-inch tyres, the ROAMR bag system can be easily attached and for the Fullies we integrate the sophisticated technology of our AMR platform, down to the very last detail.


Greetings, dear adrenalin junkies:  You’re in just the right place! Our Freeriders are built for riders who like a punishing and technical downhill experience but who don’t say no to a few uphill chal-lenges on their home trail. These are bikes that like nothing more than being put to the test in the park, rewarding you with a whole lot of riding enjoyment with full traction and full travel.  And they are masters of balance: technical yet easygoing, agile yet steady, coltish yet confident. A ride ac-cording to the “pedal hard, play hard” philosophy!


The legs are pumping, the lungs are burning, on each side the barrier tape is fluttering, you can hear the spectators shouting and your bike takes you across the finish line. Our Enduros are tough, adrenaline-fuelled racing machines for just those moments when you only have eyes for the trail: racing in its purest form! This is the clear focus of our Enduro line, which consists exclusively of raceworthy material. The bikes are rearing to get out of the shed and onto the track. They like it fast, are ambitious uphill climbers and show off their confident precision in technical sections. One thing they’re not very good at though: standing about doing nothing. For that they’re just got too much get-up-and-go in them.

All Mountain

The requirements grow the more versatile your needs. How do you get One for All? Thanks to a team that work All for One: Our All Mountain models benefit immensely from the top bikes from oth-er categories. We use their high-end developments and inject them into the All Mountain, create in-dependent solutions and combine everything into a smartly-engineered overall package that allows you to climb any mountain. With the coherent set-up we have created lightweight bike that like noth-ing better than change: They can make it uphill quickly and easily and can be precisely controlled on hair-raising downhill segments.


Who did we have in mind when developing our trail bikes? Ourselves! Good looking, passionate bikers looking for the flow. But seriously: We had riders in mind who celebrate each bike tour to the last meter. Who love nothing more than that moment when you’re up there surfing on the trails and suddenly find yourself looking out at the city down below in the valley. Whose biker heart jumps even higher the faster the pulse is beating. These riders deserve a bike that makes everything feel just right. And that is exactly what our perfectly balanced trail bikes do, that are designed for touring and marathon use. They are strong climbers yet have sufficient travel reserves for flow rides. They are geared for fun and ambitious - and, of course, also make the rider look very good.

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Less weight, less fragile. More propulsion, more agility. You don’t need weighing scales to convince you of all the advantages of bikes that make do with only a front suspension. They are simple, fast and precise. Our Hardtails are built to be the leaders of the pack: They have a real thirst for action, are extremely good climbers and playful on the trails. While it naturally depends on the type to varying degrees, but from our Hardtails for the recreational rider to the mile-crunching bikes for marathon rider, are all bikes that are really benefiting from the developments of our World Cup racers.


Those who like being off the beaten track aren’t on the lookout for speed or for aggressive shred-ding. For back country bikers the thrill is elsewhere: it’s all about the outdoor experience far from the madding crowds. That is what has inspired our bikes for explorers and trail seekers. An allrounder, made for adventure and reliability and that has something to fall back on when things get tough in the outback: The Plus 27.5-inch tyres can also be swapped for 29-inch tyres, the ROAMR bag system can be easily attached and for the Fullies we integrate the sophisticated technology of our AMR platform, down to the very last detail.


If you were always out to combine the efficiency and simplicity of a Hardtail with the thrills of gravity,  then we are about to make you very happy indeed! Our Hardtrails could be described as the Zen masters in our collection: Built for riders who want to improve their technique and extend their hori-zons. For drivers with razor-sharp line selection, who know exactly what they want - and what they don’t. Our Hardtrails make an easy job of uphill sections and cane also take descents in their stride. Dynamic, playful, precise, aggressive - a new genus of bikes!

XC Race

Just before the start. You're in race mode. The seconds are being counted down, your pulse is rac-ing. Around you agitation and crowds, but you're focused - and your bike as well. Like you, our XC Race Hardtails just want to leap into action. They are extremely good climbers,agile on the trails and uncompromising on propulsion. In short: They are bikes for the leaders of the pack. At the same time, for marathon riders, we have specially constructed, well-designed bikes that allow you to lap up the miles. Regardless of the set-up: The models for amateur racers benefit in a big way from the racing machines developed for World Cup riders.

XC Tour

The best way to get away from it all: With our XC Tour models you can very quickly leave the city and everyday life behind you and take a dip into nature. There are bikes that are simply made to have a good time, whether on a spin around the lake or on forest and meadow trails Built we’ve built our Hardtails for a wide range of applications and even though they are straightforward and robust, they are also packed full of technical sophistication. They benefit shamelessly from the develop-ments of our top segments - which is why the value for money really is sensational.

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Our Lanes bikes are as diverse as the world's roads. We have the right racing bikes for all those who like to cruise for hours over the asphalt: fast, well-designed bikes with balanced geometry and consistently high-quality features. For long-distance riders, nippy sprinters and those seeking only the rush of pleasure. With the SQUARE Urban line we also have the perfect city bike to take you to work in style. Take a look into the future and outside the box. However, beyond the city limits - and even off the beaten track - our cross and trekking models may be more up your street. Designed for short, fast workouts in the urban woodland, as well as for leisurely multi-day tours, they are fitted with equipment that makes them all-inclusive packages.


Bikes for repeat offenders: The last thing mileage junkies want is a racing machine that forces them into a gruelling race attitude. They want a bike that makes it fun to cover ground quickly - every day anew. This requires a balanced geometry, clever equipment and consistently high-quality features. We’ve built this type of road bike for endurance on asphalt. Racing bikes that are guaranteed to make you want to pedal for hours and days at a time.


Touring is all about one thing: Freedom. You bundle everything together, take only the essentials, pedal off and leave everyday life and excess at home. This feeling was the inspiration for our SQUARE line. This has resulted in wonderfully carefree, well-designed bikes for long trips from the mountain to the sea. Visually they are so elegantly minimalist that you can’t even imagine every-thing that our purist has to offer.


Do you love the vibe in your city? The concentrated diversity, the constant movement, but also the hidden havens of peace and quiet. You don’t feel, discover and experience all of that in the subway or in traffic jams. A bike is the best way of getting to know a city! It takes you quickly through heavy traffic to discover every nook and cranny. You cut down on time, money and pollution. We have given a lot of thought to the subject of urban mobility. We’re not interested in dodgy catwalk bikes. Nor in supposedly robust sports bikes. We don’t want to build fragile or cumbersome bikes but min-imalist aesthetes that are tailored to urban life down to the very last detail. That is what our SQUARE Urban Bikes are all about! Extremely clean and ultra clever minimalists that make no outward show of the sophisticated technology inside.


There are moments when you slow down by speeding up. For example, when you climb onto our cross bikes and glide on fast  28-inch cross tyres out of the city and into nature. Head for the cycle path or the forest road and you’ll have shifted down a gear and switched off in no time. Our Cross models are carefree, sporty bikes with many well-designed features, a balanced geometry and comfortable solutions - offering sensational value for money.

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