GHOST Full Suspension MTBs: the right choice for your bike adventures

Do you like to ride in challenging terrain, at high speeds on technical trails and have high demands on the performance of your bike? Whether it’s cross-country, trails, all-mountain or enduro riding – GHOST offers you the right full suspension MTB to perfectly suit your style and needs. You will find a large selection of full suspension mountain bikes in our shop.

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GHOST Full suspension MTBs: our all-rounders for unlimited riding fun

But what actually makes a full suspension bike? Which full suspension mountain bike right for your needs? Find your bike in the full suspension mountain bike Guide:

A full suspension mountain bike, or “Fully” for short, is a popular bike for many mountain bikers who like to ride demanding trails at high speeds – it picks up where hardtail MTBs reach their limits. It features a suspension fork at the front and shock in the rear. This means whatever obstacles and bumps you ride over are cushioned and effectively absorbed even on demanding trails.


A full suspension mountain bike offers many advantages for riders:


·       Powerful

·       Versatile in terms of riding types

·       Allows you to ride fast even on trails with difficult obstacles

·       Reliable stability in jumps and on downhills

·       Comfort on ruthless terrain

·       A lot of safety on changing surfaces

·       Full control even on steep descents

·       Better traction on the uphills and downhills

·       Suspension can be individually adjusted


What types of Fullys are there?


If you are planning to buy a full suspension MTB you should consider for the type of riding you want to do so you can choose the right model. Depending on the terrain, riding style and personal preferences, there are a number of choices for Fullys to take on your off-road adventures:


·       Cross-Country Fully

A cross-country bike is our bike for competitive bikers. It is ideal as a race bike for dynamic routes and is used for alpine crosses, races, gravel tracks, forest and field paths, and on moderate trails. The suspension travel of 100-120 mm ensures that you can easily ride at race pace on loads of different types of terrain. Thanks to the ultra-light, carbon-fibre full suspension MTB frame there's nothing to hold you back from showing your full commitment in any race. Discover our Cross-Country Bikes here:


·       Trail Bike Fully

Trail bikes are all-rounders that let you easily master challenging ascents as well as enjoy safe descents. They offer you the best support on the uphills and downhills and are therefore super versatile. A Trail full suspension mountain bike is strong on the climb and guarantees reliable grip on the descent. At GHOST you will find agile models with balanced character so you can enjoy your biking experience. The front and rear suspension travel is between 120 and 140 mm, which means you can ride loads of different types of trails with one bike.


·       All-Mountain Fully

You want a Fully for a wide range of uses? Then you’ll get your money’s worth with a Ghost All Mountain Fully: As the name suggests, a GHOST All-Mountain Fully sets you up perfectly for mountain tours. With loads of propulsion, it gets you up the mountain and back down again safe and sound. Suspension travel is between 140 and 160 mm, which allows you to ride comfortably over bumpy terrain. Our TractionLink rear triangle keeps your rear wheel in firm contact with the ground so you can keep control of your bike even during sharp turns or quick braking manoeuvres. The suspension system efficiently absorbs harder hits and bumps on rooted tracks, for example.


·       Enduro full suspension bike

An Enduro Fully is the absolute killer when it comes to big downhills. Challenging terrain, difficult trails and jumps are also no problem for this bike. With massive amounts of travel and a secure rear triangle system you can master any ruthless terrain. The suspension fork with 170 mm travel at the front and the shock with a travel of 160 mm at the rear cushion just about and bumps you may encounter – and your back will thank you for it! AnEnduro bike offers you unique downhill performance that will thrill you from the first minute in the saddle.


GHOST full suspension bikes maximise your cycling enjoyment as well as your comfort and safety on any ride. Find the right Fully in your size and let our full suspension all-rounders inspire you on your next off-road adventure.

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