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  • Wheel size
  • 27,5
  • 29
  • Material
  • Aluminium
  • Light Carbon

All Mountain

The more versatile you are on the road, the greater the demand. How do you get one for all? By all working for one: Our All Mountain models benefit immensely from the top bikes from the other categories. We use their high-end developments for all-mountain use, create independent solutions and combine everything into a well-thought-out overall package that can be used to conquer the whole mountain. With the coherent set-up, we have created lightweights that seek variety: they pull quickly and effortlessly uphill and can be precisely controlled downhill with a lot of fun.


Your legs are pumping, your lungs are burning, the barrier tape is fluttering at your side, you can hear the spectators shouting and your bike is pulling you to the finish line. Our enduros are tough, adrenaline-charged racing machines for those moments when you only have eyes for the trail: racing in its purest form! That is the clear orientation of our Enduro line, which consists exclusively of race-ready material. The bikes want to get out of the stable and onto the track. They like it fast, pull ambitiously uphill and show off their superior precision in technical passages. However, there is one thing they are not good at: standing around. They have too much biting throttle gene in them for that.


Who did we have in mind when developing our trail bikes? Us! Good-looking, flow-addicted passionate bikers. Seriously: We had riders in mind who celebrate every bike tour to the last metre. Who know that moment when you're surfing high up on the trails and suddenly a view of the city in the valley opens up. Whose biker's heart leaps even higher when the pulse really races. These riders deserve a bike that makes everything feel right. And that's what it does with our perfectly balanced trail-fully bikes that are trimmed for touring and marathon use. They are strong climbers, but come with enough travel reserves for flow....


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