All Mountain e Bikes– take one of our all-rounders up any mountain you want

They are the Swiss Army Knives of our electric mountain bike range: All-mountain bikes from GHOST keep you ready for anything that awaits you in the mountains. You’ll master steep climbs and dominate challenging downhill sections. Technically our all-mountain electric mountain bikes will have you prepared for any adventure you want to take.

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Discover any electric mountain bike with an all-mountain e bike

You’re looking to climb steep mountains with your electric mountain bike and then enjoy flowy downhills? Do you love the thrill of biking? Are challenging trails and merciless tours in the mountains just your thing? Then these are the most important requirements:

·       You need an electric mountain bike that’s as light and comfortable as possible on the uphills.

·       You need a bike you can ride downhill with a feeling of safety and confidence.

GHOST has the perfect solution for you: All-mountain bikes. They are designed to perfectly fulfil both of those requirements and provide you with all the riding fun you expect from an all-mountain bike.  


All-mountain bikes efficiently support you on ascents

Our all-mountain bikes support you with powerful motors so you have the reserves you need to master trails safely, confidently and comfortably in demanding terrain. Steep climbs and long rides become a pleasure. GHOST all-mountain bikes are available with powerful motors from Yamaha or Bosch. You benefit from a significant power boost combined with optimally selected components. Our electric mountain bike all-rounders are guaranteed to get you through any terrain, no matter how challenging.


Electric mountain bikes made for off-road mashers: the full-suspension all-mountain bike range

GHOST all-mountain bikes all have front and rear suspension. After all, once you’ve gotten to the top of the mountain safe and sound, the ride down is where the fun really begins. Our TractionLink technology provides the support you need:

·       In addition to a suspension fork, our all-mountain bikes are also equipped with a rear triangle construction that has sufficient travel for just about any bumpy descents you may take on.

·       The flexible rear shock keeps you agile throughout your rides. Your rear wheel stays firmly in contact with the ground giving you the necessary stability and safety while you pedal.

·       Excellent balance is important when you are riding on demanding trails. The kinematics of GHOST's all-mountain bikes focus on the perfect centre of gravity.


Other features of our innovative all-mountain bikes

Performance and durability these two factors are decisive for a good all-mountain e-bike if you want to dominate any terrain you come across. We also rely on the following factors:

P  A durable aluminium frame. It’s lightweight for efficient ascents and fast, stable descents.

P  The fully-integrated battery has a fantastic range.

160 mm front and rear suspension travel take you confidently through demanding terrain.

P  GHOST all-mountain bikes are equipped with wide handlebars to help you keep better control when riding.

P  The robust wheels on these bikes also need to withstand a lot of roots and rocks. They are available in 27.5- and 29-inch sizes depending on your height.

So you like the odd tour through the mountains, but your heart really beats for challenging trails or maybe you even want to win prizes in enduro races? Our Enduro electric mountain bikes might just be perfect for you.Take a look around our online shop and find the right electric mountain bike to suit your needs and plans!

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