Trail e bikes from GHOST: full power up & downhill

Do you look forward all week to riding new trails on the weekend? Our trail e bikes are just waiting to expand those horizons with you. Indeed, they reflect a vast wealth of our mountain bike knowledge. Combining that with a powerful motor for maximum range makes them the perfect trail e-bike for all trail fans!

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Bringing you action and performance: trail e bikes from GHOST

Start your motor and head out into the great outdoors! Discover GHOST’s all-rounder models that are also superbly designed to take on the most difficult trails!

If the powerful motor of an trail e bike doesn’t convince you, the innovative technologies we’ve integrated will: SuperFit and TractionLink.

It is not a coincidence that these electric trail bikes feel like they’re tailored specifically to you and your body without having to make many adjustments – GHOST’s proprietary SuperFit geometry and equipment concept is at play here. An  trail e bike from GHOST guarantees: 

·        More efficient pedalling and power transfer

·        Fatigue-free riding

·        Fantastic control

Our TractionLink suspension system for drive neutrality will keep you calm on our trail e-bikes, even in difficult terrain. The technology provides:

·        Maximum power transfer without bounce

·        Permanent contact with the ground

·        Vertical absorption

A GHOST electric trail bike offers you the best features of non-motorised mountain bikes combined with the powerful performance of an electric bike motor.


Electric trail bike models from GHOST

Can you ride trails on e bikes? Our answer to this question is a resounding "Yes!".

Our trail e bikes offer you everything you are looking for as a trail lover: The powerful Bosch motor gives you the support you need on ascents and while showing off all the qualities of a high-end mountain bike on fast descents.

The high-performance battery won't let you down, even in steep terrain and on longer tours.

Unlike hardtail electric mountain bikes, what makes a GHOST trail e bike stand out is that it gives you maximum traction and thus a sense of security and ride stability.

Our innovative technologies make these e bikes for trails the perfect companions for beginners, intermediate and experienced trail riders alike.

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