Balance Bike for Kids

  • Sturdy aluminum frame

  • For young kids from 90 to 95 cm tall

  • Safety grips

  • Footrest

  • Child-friendly design

  • Our model: POWERKIDDY 12

Kids and movement go together like a bike and handlebars. They just love to move, learn new motor skills in a playful way, and train their balance. A 12 inch balance bike is the perfect companion for the littlest ones.


With our POWERKIDDY model, the very youngest can ride their first laps on a balance bike. Asphalt or forest path - our children's 12 inch balance bike accompanies your little one on their discovery of the world. The sturdy aluminum frame and the narrow handlebar with safety grips make their first cycling attempts safer, easier and more comfortable. In addition, our POWERKIDDY grows with your child, thanks to the adjustable saddle, and accompanies your child up to their first GHOST kids bike.

TO THE Bikes

The balance bike makes starting easy

The road from learning to ride a bicycle to riding your first lap is a long one. A balance bike helps the child immensely when learning the new motion, and helps them to slowly get used to cycling.

The advantage of a kids balance bike is that it has neither pedals nor brakes, which makes it a lot easier for the child, as he or she can regulate their speed with their feet. As soon as their motor skills for "riding downhill" become more secure and solid, the child can simply place their feet on the footrests- this also trains their sense of balance without them even realizing it. This is exactly what kids with advanced motor skills love about the balance bike: Feet up and go! The perfect time to think about their first bicycle helmet


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