• Full-suspension mtb with 140 mm travel front and rear

  • 27.5 and 29 inch wheels

  • Areas of use: Trails, trail, trails (low mountain, single trail tours, flow trails).

  • Our models: RIOT TRAIL, SLAMR, KATO FS

Do you never get enough? Especially when it comes to technical, root-packed trails which are so exciting for these very reasons? Then a trail bike is the right choice. 140 mm travel at the front and rear let you surf relaxed over any trail. It feels at home especially in low mountain ranges that emphasize its strengths: The mountain bike convinces with its playful and agile handling, proving that it can happily absorb the punishment in downhill and off-road.


Smart all-rounder with an extra portion of downhill fun! The durable and sturdy aluminum frame of the RIOT Trail is not the only thing that makes your bike your partner in crime on extended trail tours. Our SuperFit technology and the TractionLink rear suspension let you pedal uphill with ease, while you enjoy maximum fun on the downhill. With this full-suspension mtb every tour is pure pleasure.

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Lightweight, smooth and durable is the best way to describe the trail all-rounder. The trail bike with 29" wheels manages the balancing act between excellent climbing characteristics and safe downhill fun. Thanks to 130 millimeters of front and rear travel, heavily rooted sections or blocked passages don’t concern it. The agile and playful bike masters tight hairpin turns or quick changes of direction without batting an eye. The ideal bike if you are looking for a sporty bike for home trails, flow trails or long tours.

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The KATO FS is a very high quality, low-maintenance full-suspension with first-class rear kinematics and low-maintenance bearings. An absolutely carefree mountain bike which, thanks to its balanced geometry, guarantees even the beginner maximum fun on tours and trails. The price-performance ratio is sensational - which makes the bike perfect for ambitious beginners, but also experienced bikers.

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Nirvana Trail

If you want to speed things up on your mountain bike, get to the ice cream parlor a little faster and hit the trails a little harder, you will be well-served with the Nirvana Trail. More suspension travel, more grip, more riding fun - even off the asphalt.

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