Full suspension mountain bikes - the Swiss Army Knife of our off-road bikes

Mountains, trails and your feet on the pedals. That’s how your leisure time or holidays look for you? For your next venture into the wilderness, you’ll want to get yourself a full suspension mountain bike with a wide range of technical features. Find out more about our different models of mountain bike.

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Full suspension mountain bikes - all the skills for uphill and downhill

When we at GHOST say all-mountain, we mean it – and everything else that goes with it. These extremely versatile mountain bikes have all the features you need to tackle wild mountain trails and other ruthless terrain. If you’re looking to go on ambitious alpine tours or ride challenging single tracks, you’ll need to keep two important things in mind:

·       You need a bike that climbs well.

·       And you need a bike that is both nimble and stable on downhills.

Full suspension mountain bikes are full-suspension MTBs with travel between 140 and 160 mm.
 That lets you easily master unruly trails but also conquer climbs comfortably and efficiently. And once you’re at the top, there is only one thing left to do: Enjoy every second of your high-speed descent while keeping full control over the bike.

We have integrated two innovative technologies into our GHOST full suspension mountain bikes so that you have the desired riding fun on uphill and downhill in all-round MTB riding.


From the rider to the bike: riding positions on your all-mountain steed

Especially when you're battling on steep hills and pedalling hard, your mountain bike needs to be technically designed to give you consistently solid traction. We have designed a frame symmetry for our all-mountain bikes that gives you the ideal riding posture: SuperFit geometry.

·       The handlebars, saddle, and pedals on our all-mountain bike are set up using ergonomics.

·       The connection between the saddle and pedals is aligned so that your hips, knees, and feet are optimally positioned in relation to each other.

·       The distance between the saddle and handlebars on this full suspension mountain bike is calculated so that your hands, shoulders and back are in the most comfortable position.

·       The biometric design is proportionally adapted for different parts of the body.

·       This provides you with a completely natural riding position when riding your full suspension mountain bike.

·       This innovative geometry means our full suspension mountain bikes are also ideal for women.


From the bike to the ground: the rear shock on your full-suspension full suspension mountain bike

You've now made it comfortably and efficiently up the mountain thanks to SuperFit technology. It’s time to ride down having as much fun as possible but with highest possible level of safety. That's why GHOST mountain bikes are always full-suspension equipped with the TractionLink rear triangle concept

·       Your mountain bike doesn’t just have a front suspension fork with 160 mm travel, The TractionLink rear triangle features 150 mm of travel to ensure increased comfort on bumpy descents.

·       The flexible shock provides the agility for this ride. The result is that your rear wheel stays in contact with the ground even on challenging surfaces. This gives you stability and therefore a sense of safety.

·       The kinematics of your full suspension mountain bike are focused on the ideal centre of gravity in the frame, which guarantees you a good balance.



From the design to the bike: other all-rounder features in our mountain bikes

You’ll clearly notice: When it comes to your full-suspension -mountain bike, durability and good performance are super important to us. We achieve this by including two additional things:

·       The rear triangle consists of one single piece, which makes your bike particularly solid.

·       The frame is made of durable aluminium. The material is light for effective ascents as well as strong for fast descents.

·       The bikes in our all-mountain segment are available with either 27.5- or 29-inch wheels, which you choose depending on the type of riding you want to do and your body size. If you need a mountain bike that rolls smoothly but also provides you with that extra bit of agility, we recommend a 27.5-inch model. A full suspension mountain bike with 29-inch wheels gives you the best roll-over behaviour on trails that don’t have too many sharp, technical turns.


You might be into adventures in the mountains, but you're really into challenging trails or enduro races? Then our Enduro Bikes are just what you’re looking for.However, if your leisure time and fun riding mostly take place in the bike park, our Dirt Bikes will be the best possible companion for you.

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