Your Gravel Bike Guide –what's the hype about?

Fast and agile on asphalt while also ready for off-road terrain – these are Gravel Bikes. These hybrids between road bikes and mountain bikes are designed for performance and speed on flat paths, while also providing the necessary grip on gravel and forest trails. Thanks to their intelligent geometry, these apparent road bikes become all-rounders.

What is a Gravel Bike?

A Gravel Bike, also known as Gravel Cycle or Gravel Bicycle, is an immensely versatile bike that combines the best features of road bikes and mountain bikes. Designed for various surfaces, these bikes blend the speed of a road bike with the stability and comfort of a mountain bike. What might look like an aerodynamic road bike is much more – even on rugged terrain, your GHOST Gravel Bike delivers stable performance.

Graveln im Pott
Der Grüne Pott

What Terrain is Suitable for Gravel Bikes?

With a Gravel Bike, your terrain options are almost limitless. Whether asphalt, gravel, dirt roads, or rough terrain – the Gravel Bicycle can handle it all. It is the ideal bicycle for bikers who like to plan their routes off the beaten path but still want to be fast and agile. Compared to mountain bikes, Gravels are incredibly light, which is why our Askets are equipped with a carbon fork.

Gravel Bikes are perfect for use on:

  • Asphalt

  • Gravel Paths

  • Dirt Roads

  • Light Terrain

  • Loose Ground

E Gravel Bikes – What are the Special Features?

Naturally, there are electric versions of the classic Gravel Bike with motor assistance. These models are – unexpectedly – extremely lightweight, even with the motor and battery. Weighing 18 kg or less, the Light e Gravel Bikes from GHOST don’t lose any performance. Thanks to especially light components like the battery and motor and carbon frame, Gravel e Bikes are the featherweights among all-terrain bikes.

With the e Gravel, you can reach a new dimension of graveling. The Ghost Path Asked Pro with an integrated Fazua motor supports you on your tours, enabling you to cover longer distances and steeper climbs. You can adjust the support to suit your needs.

The e Gravels are designed so that at first glance, it’s hard to tell whether it’s an e Bike or a traditional bike.

Asket Advanced

What's the Difference Between a Gravel Bike and a Mountain Bike or Road Bike?

Gravel Bikes are true all-rounders. Compared to mountain bikes, they have less suspension, making them faster on paved roads. However, they have more tread on the tires and a sturdier frame than a road bike, giving them more stability and comfort on unpaved paths.

By choosing tires and a wide Gravel Bike handlebar, you can customize your Gravel Bike. Depending on your frequent terrain, you can also adjust components like Gravel tires or Gravel Bike handlebars.

Especially for bike tours, these bikes are ideal. With numerous accessory options like bike bags or luggage racks on your Gravel Bike, multi-day tours in rough terrain are easily manageable.

Our Gravel geometry is very similar to that of mountain bikes, so you sit in a comfortable riding position on long tours.

Accessories for the Gravel Bike

The equipment of your Gravel Bike is crucial for riding comfort. In addition to Gravel Bike bags for your luggage, a Gravel Bike with luggage racks offers extra storage space. Mudguards for your Gravel Bike keep you clean and dry, while a specific Gravel Bike handlebar ensures a comfortable riding position. This is particularly important for ergonomically and back-friendly bike tours.

  • GHOST Asket Advanced EQ

    Our Gravel bikes are already delivered Bikepacking Ready. That means you don't have to attach any additional parts to attach your luggage or similar. All contact points are already installed on the frame, ensuring easy attachment of luggage, water bottles, or mudguards.
  • Additionally, Gravel Bikes are available with frames made of carbon or aluminum. The latter is more robust and terrain-capable but also adds more weight. A carbon frame makes your Gravel Bike significantly lighter but is more susceptible as the material is not as stable as aluminum.

    Buying a Gravel Bike – What Should I Look For?

    When buying a Gravel Bike, there are several things to consider. In addition to the price and your preferred purpose, it's also essential to decide if you want an e Gravel Bike with a motor or a classic Gravel. Other factors to consider include:

    • Decide whether you prefer a Gravel Bike made of carbon or aluminum. Carbon is lighter and more flexible, while aluminum is more durable and usually cheaper.

    • Choose the right size. A too small or large bike can significantly impair riding comfort. Use our size calculator, available online next to each bike.

    • Pay attention to a good braking system. With the varying conditions a Gravel Bike can master, reliable brakes are essential.

    Gravel Bikes – the Pros and Cons:


    • Versatility: Gravel Bikes are suitable for various surfaces, providing speed and grip – even on rough terrain.

    • Comfort: With the wide handlebar and sturdy frame, they offer high riding comfort. These bikes are ideal for long or multi-day tours.

    • Customizability: You can equip your Gravel Bike with extras like luggage racks or specialized handlebars. You can also personalize bags, tires, and other accessories, making your Gravel Bike perfect for your intended use.


    • Speed limit compared to road bikes: Gravel Bikes are not as fast as road bikes, as the tires are usually bulkier and have more tread. Additional bike accessories also add weight.

    • Lack of suspension: While classic mountain bikes soften jumps and rough terrain, you can significantly feel this on a Gravel Bike. They are not a substitute for a mountain bike, as they do not offer the same performance and safety on the trail. However, you can easily ride a Gravel Bike on lighter terrain.

    Going on a Gravel Tour – What Do I Need to Do Before Starting?

    Are you ready to load your bike bags and swing onto the Gravel? Before you start your Gravel Tour, here are a few tips: Make sure all settings on your Gravel Bike are correct. If you're planning a longer tour, check the essential components in advance.

    • Handlebar

    • Chain

    • Pedals and Saddle

    • Accessories like bags, lights, and luggage racks

    Also, make sure you have the necessary equipment in your luggage. This includes appropriate clothing, sufficient food, and possibly a repair kit for on the go. Especially enough fluid is a must when gravel biking! Are you planning a multi-day tour? Then you can download a packing list directly here. If you have an e gravel bike, then make sure that the battery is charged.

    GHOST bike on the beach
    Typical aluminium


    Whether you prefer an e gravel bike or a classic gravel bike, in the GHOST online shop you will find the right model for your next tour. Browse through our selection and find your new favorite bike!

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