Recap one year Full Party Crew

It was that time again this year and we gathered our legendary Full Party Crew - a hand-picked group of five talented bikers who not only love our bikes, but also experience life on two wheels in its purest form. We asked them what it means to be part of the Full Party Crew, and their answers are just as exciting as their tricks. Dive into the world of the Full Party Crew with us and let their enthusiasm infect you.

Andi, Anna, Chris, Jonas and Justus - five names, one passion.

The idea of the GHOST Full Party Crew was clear from the start: to bring young, like-minded people together and offer talented bikers a platform. Andi emphasises how difficult it was to choose only four people, as the interest was overwhelming. But the team they have created reflects exactly what they were looking for: a passionate community of riders who test their limits together and have lots of fun.

Personal highlights and unforgettable experiences

For Anna, the highlight of her Full Party Crew experience was the trip to Leogang 2022: "Everyone pushed each other, stepped out of our respective comfort zones and we were all creative with new tricks - it felt really good!"

Christian shares their enthusiasm and emphasises that the current weekend is his personal highlight. The freedom of going on road trips with friends, exploring different places and conquering new trails every day is the best part of biking for him.

Never without my full party bike

When it comes to the bikes, the opinions of the crew are clear. Andi raves about the geometry of the Full Party Bikes, which feels to him like coming home. For Anna, the bike means safety on bumpy trails and effortless control during spectacular jumps. Chris is thrilled with the bike's versatility - from enduro trails to big jumps, it can do it all. Jonas especially appreciates the suspension and traction that GHOST Full Party bikes offer in any terrain. Justus loves the well thought-out traction system and all the components that are perfectly matched - from enduro to epic big air jumps.

What's next for the crew?

Andi wants to stay on the bike as long as possible and continue to explore his limits. Anna aspires to master more tricks and dare bigger jumps. Chris plans to participate in more big air events and explore the world on two wheels. Jonas intends to participate in more events and dare even bigger jumps. Justus' goal is to stay safe after some serious accidents in the past:

"My plan is to stay healthy,
improve every day,
be on the bike every day
and ride big jumps -
because that's what I love the most."

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