Noah Sinner

Date of birth:29 June 2008
Height:158 cm
Weight:47 kg
Mentor:Anne Terpstra


Riding scooter and trail bike.

The newcomer from Spessart

„I don’t care if it’s raining, if the sun is shining, or whatever: As long as I ride my bike, I am the happiest person on earth.“

“Hello, I am Noah! I was born on June 29, 2008, in Würzburg and I live in Lohr on the river Main, a small town in the Spessart region. Here, I started biking at the age of 7 at my home club, the RVV Wombach. From the very start, the children’s training in the club was a lot of fun. The reigning German Champion, Max Brandl (from Lohr), is an occasional surprise guest at our practices and provided that extra bit of motivation, so I competed in my first mtb race in the U9 age group.

I crossed the finish line in third place, exhausted but happy. From then on, I couldn’t think of anything else but mountain biking. I love to ride for hours on the trails around Wombach, discovering new spots and working on my technical skills and fitness. This year, I start in the U15 age bracket and I am very proud to wear the GHOST Team jersey!

I am looking forward to a cool time with the GHOST Junior Team and my mentor Anne Terpstra.”


Bavarian Champion XCE
Bavarian Champion XCO
3rd Overall Bayernliga U17
4th Overall Bundesnachwuchssichtung U17

1st Bundesnachwuchssichtung U15 Lohr am Main
1st Vulkan-Race Gedern, (Int. Bundesliga XCO)

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