27.5-inch full-suspension mountain bikes: Youth bikes for teenagers from GHOST

Our 27.5-inch mountain bikes are the right choice for young riders who are not yet fully grown but who want to start going for it. These full-suspension 27.5 mountain bikes are built for both roads and trails, combining good suspension travel with high-quality components and a geometry that is tailored for young riders.

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Parents and teenagers have vastly different requirements for a 27.5-inch mountain bike

At GHOST we focused on the whole range when developing the perfect 27.5-inch mountain bike for your young adults.

●      Design & look: Teenagers place great importance on a modern and trendy design. The RIOT YOUTH PRO 27.5-inch full-suspension mountain bike is a visually sophisticated bike.

●      Functionality: GHOST youth bikes are robust, reliable and easy to use – for maximum enjoyment even in challenging terrain.

●      Comfort: This 27.5-inch mountain bike needs to be comfortable for long rides with friends and family.

●      Safety: The 27.5-inch full-suspension mountain bike has a tough braking system so you can safely stop even at higher speeds.

What is the minimum height for a 27.5-inch mountain bike?

27.5-inch wheels are suitable for a body height of approx. 1.60 m or more. It offers better control and stability in rougher terrain compared to smaller bikes. Our 27.5-inch full-suspension mountain bike is a high-performance bike designed to suit both beginners and advanced riders.

Is our 27.5-inch mountain bike equally suitable for both girls and boys?

The GHOST RIOT YOUTH PRO appeals equally to boys and girls thanks to the unisex design and the colours used in the finish work. It is also suitable as a women’s mountain bike for riders around 1.60 m in height.


What equipment does the 27.5-inch full-suspension mountain bike come with?

The standard RIOT YOUTH PRO model comes with a high-quality aluminium frame. The frame is lightweight yet robust – perfect for a 27.5 mountain bike. The 12-speed rear derailleur helps you cut a fine figure on both uphill and downhills. The rear suspension has 130 mm of travel to ensure a safe ride even on rough terrain while the powerful Shimano disc brakes stop you safely even at top speed.

A summary of the 27.5-inch mountain bike GHOST RIOT YOUTH PRO

If you are looking for full-suspension, this 27.5-inch mountain bike model is a great choice. It’s fully equipped and ready for any off-road adventure. The 27.5-inch wheels keep it super manoeuvrable but let you roll over just about any challenging terrain you may encounter.

All in all, 27.5-inch mountain bikes offer a great combination of performance, comfort and style and are an excellent choice for anyone looking to take on some off-road adventures. Whether you're looking for a youth bike, a full-suspension bike or an everyday workhorse, a 27.5-inch mountain bike may be just what you need!

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