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About Andy

Andy didn’t start mountainbiking until he turned 12 years old, but made up for his late start by spending pretty much every free minute on the bike from then on, blazing through the woods with his friends or heading of on bike tours. After that, in 1994, following Swiss tradition, he put his first race number on his bike and took part in many amateur and professional races until 2006. Now, many years later, he is a member of the GHOST Factory Racing Team and the Technical Coach for the Austrian National Team. 

He is not only blessed with awesome riding technique; he is equally good at passing his knowledge on to the ladies. “This is all coming full circle for me, there's nothing better than spending time on my mountain bike with friends”, he says. “But I don’t ride in my local woods any more; it’s at World Cup or World Championship tracks around the world. My friends have become like a second family to me.”


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