Caroline Bohé

Date of birth:23rd July 1999
Height:160 cm
Weight:47 kg


Coffee, family and friends, skiing and making videos for my Instagram.

A strong Danish cycling talent

Already as a child Caroline wanted to be a cyclist just as her mom and dad, and especially her 3 years older brother, who all was ambitious road cyclists. And as soon Caroline was big enough to fit her first road bike she started to do road cycling in the local club. Until the age of 14 years she only did road and track cycling, but then she got the opportunity to go to the Youth Europeans in MTB in Graz, as they needed a girl to complete the team.

That was her first MTB race and she loved every part of it, even though she was such a ”newbie” and had so much to learn. But after that she slowly started to do more MTB, she joined the local MTB club and more or less quitted the road cycling during the following years.

As her first year in junior she became 3rd in the Europeans XCO, and at that point she realized that she actually was in the top of this sport, and it motivated her to work even harder. Now Caroline has graduated from high school and her focus is 100% on the cycling. She has developed constantly, and get to a new level every year. Her last year was her best season so far with 3 top 5 results in the U23 WC and top 10 in both Worlds and Europeans.

“My goal is to be on the podium in the U23 WC. But it´s always hard to make a specific result as a goal, as you never know how the other girls will perform. So I just try to focus on being the best version of myself, and always try to improve my weaknesses.”


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3rd XCC World Cup Leogang
1st XCO Danish National Championships
5th XCO European Championships Munich
XCO Shimano MTB Liga - 1st Randers, 1st Odense
2nd XCO Fullgaz Race powered by GHOST Int. MTB Bundesliga

2nd Overall U23

4th place World Cup Snowshoe U23 2019

5th place World Championship MTB XCO U23 2018

2017, 2018, 2019
3rd place European Championship Team Relay

2016, 2017
3rd place European Championships Junior

2016, 2017
5 times National Champion - 3 x XCO (Junior) - 2 x CX (Elite)

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