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About Uwe

The key personality traits of this passionate mechanic are his reliability and calm nature. Stressful situations do not seem to faze him in the least and this confidence has a contagious effect on others. After completing his technical training as a bicycle mechanic, he gained experience working in the field for many years. His specialities were custom-built bikes and working in service. Combined with his personal passion for the cycling sport, this experience constitutes the ideal combination and qualifications for his job at race courses around the globe. His drive for perfection becomes obvious every weekend as he prepares the race bikes. 

Not only does he maintain them perfectly in a technical sense; the bikes also look the part. The riders know that they can trust their equipment and its preparation 100%. This is mountain bike sport on Formula One level. If there is time for a personal work out after all the mechanical work, he enjoys his time on a road bike. Thanks to his work with the team, he had rediscovered his passion for the mountain bike and personally tests all the components are used during races.


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