Do you ride on less demanding routes in the forest and in the city, but value comfort and robustness? With our hardtails KATO, LANAO and NIRVANA TOUR you can ride the most beautiful mountain bike tours. But short trips of your everyday life can be done easily as well with our touring bikes.


Cross Country bikes are made for fast and snappy use, whether in marathon stage races or on home trails outside your front door. They are the perfect bike for ambitious athletes who value comfort, efficiency and low weight.


Trail bikes are absolute all-rounders and are perfectly suited for extended single-trail tours in our low mountain ranges. With them you can climb uphill without any problems, and let it rip downhill without getting into trouble. Our trail mountain bikes are versatile, playful full-suspension bikes that are comfortable, agile, and robust, and they won't let you down even on jumps.


If there is an all-rounder among mountain bikes, then the all-mountain bike has definitely earned the title. Short and long MTB tours or a long-planned crossing of the Alps: Our all-mountain full-suspension bikes cut a fine figure everywhere, and are looking for variety.


Full suspension, rugged and maximum off-road capability - our Enduro bikes are tough, adrenaline-pumping mountain bikes. You enjoy every second on the downhill, and know that you'll be ambitiously pedaling uphill again afterwards (or just taking the lift). Especially in technically challenging terrain, our Enduro Mountain Bikes play out their superior precision and give you a lot of security and control on the trail. Obstacles are not an issue for the Enduro MTB and in the end, you will not be able to count the many party laps.


These bikes are at home on pump tracks, jump lines and 4X tracks, perfect for those who want to jump, trick and really go full-throttle. Our Dirt hardtails are developed in cooperation with Tomas Slavik - and the 2021 FourCross World Champion knows what matters in a bike!

Mountain bikes are our passion and our drive, it is where our roots lie. Since the early 1990s, we have dedicated ourselves to the off-road capable bike because, with a mountain bike, the possibilities are almost limitless. Once you start biking, you can't quit. The search for shared adventure with friends, the exhilarating feeling of having made a long, tough climb, the enjoyment of a mountain panorama, and finally an exhilarating descent into the valley - all this makes up the fascination of mountain biking.

Almost thirty years later, a lot has changed. Mountain bikes are now available in a wide range with numerous technical innovations. There is a suitable machine for every taste and area of use. If you want to buy a mountain bike, you are spoiled by endless choices. You should therefore take a close look at the different types to find the perfect bike for you.

Our full suspension mountain bikes are both the top of the range and the most fun of all mountain bikes. Equipped with fork and shock, they swallow everything in their path with ease. High speeds in rough terrain do not bother them, thanks to the sophisticated rear suspension system. On the contrary - this is where full-suspension bikes really come into their own. It gives you more comfort and safety downhill – and above all, more fun.

Less weight, less susceptible. More propulsion, more agility. The advantages of hardtail mountain bikes are obvious. They are simple, fast and precise. Our hardtails are built for leadership positions: they have a pronounced urge to move forward, are extremely good climbers and playful on the trails. The areas of strength are depending, of course, on the type of bike: from the entry-level hardtail for the relaxed weekend rider to the mile-eater for ambitious marathon racers. Hardtails score with lower weight and a lower price.


At GHOST we build the right bikes for your adventure: they are bold and independent, but above all, they are bikes that work and are fully thought out and developed to the last detail. Our engineers tinker intensively with technologies and innovations, so that you can freely enjoy comfort, control and efficiency on your bike on every ride.


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