Mountain bikes – the perfect off-road companions

Whether it’s an extreme ride through the mountains, some crazy single track or moderate routes in the forest nearby, the fun starts for you when your hands grip the bars and your feet become one with the pedals. At GHOST we make MTB bikes that bring you the ultimate riding experience.

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Find the GHOST mountain bike for your riding dreams

In our online mountain bike shop you will quickly notice that not all MTB bikes are the same. At GHOST we make different bikes for different individual needs.

When looking for the right mountain bike (MTB) you should know exactly what you want to use your new bike for. We have a wide range of models that are all suitable for different purposes . Here's what you should keep in mind:


·       Where and in what types of terrain will you ride your GHOST MTB?

·       What kind of terrain do you want to ride in?

·       Which type of mountain bike rider are you?


Ready, set, go: How to pick the right mountain bike for you

You now know what you want to use your bike for.  Now you need to consider the crucial components on the bike:

1) Hardtail or full-suspension:

When buying a MTB bike you will always come across the main distinction of hardtail versus full-suspension.

If you prefer to ride uphill and downhill on easy forest trails but also integrate the occasional gravel and meadow path, a hardtail MTB is likely the right choice for you. The weight aspect also needs to be considered here: Since the hardtail has no suspension in the rear triangle, these bikes are typically much lighter. That is a big advantage for ascents. Lighter bike, more direct power transfer, better performance. Hardtail means:

·       The rear part of the frame is rigid 

·       while the front has suspension forks.

If you mainly ride in moderate and less extreme terrain, the hardtail MTB is better suited for you. The rear end is more stable without suspension, which also makes this type of bike well suited for beginners.

Mountain bikers who like extreme terrain, on the other hand, will need a full-suspension mountain bike. You like:

·       changing terrain going both up and down

·       tough obstacles

·       challenging trails

·       diverse surfaces

With a full-suspension bike you not only have front suspension forks but also a rear shock. This means the bike easily absorbs rough knocks and bumps. Due to the rear suspension, Fullys are heavier compared to hardtails, so, expect to work harder if you enjoy ascents.

Many of our hardtail and full-suspension mountain bikes are available as e-MTBs as well.



2) Suspension travel

Another criterion is the travel you get from the suspension. Depending on the purpose and desired terrain, you also get decide how much suspension travel your bike should have. What that means is: How much comfort or performance do you need? Again, this depends on the area of use and the surfaces you want to ride. GHOST mountain bikes feature different suspension travel ranges:


·       100-120 mm travel for moderate touring and cross-country trails.

·       140 mm travel for advanced trails.

·       140-160 mm travel for demanding rides in alpine terrain.

·       170 mm travel at the front and 160 mm at the rear for gnarly trails and bike park fun.


3) Wheel size

Wheel size is also important. Our GHOST MTB bikes are available with the following dimensions:

·       27.5 inch: With wheels in this unit, you have the following advantages:

·       Your bike is more agile to steer.

·       You can accelerate faster and easier.

·       Quick braking is no problem.

·       There is more space for wider tyres. With the lower air pressure there is greater contact with the ground. Your bike can have better grip with the surfaces you are riding on.

·       29 inch: Wheels of this size bring with them corresponding advantages:

·       They pick up momentum more effectively.

·       They roll over just about anything.

·       They therefore compensate better for unevenness in the terrain.

·       This results in a smoother riding experience.

The GHOST KATO LINE has a few size overlaps: People who are M (165-180 cm) can also choose a bike with a 27.5 inch wheel size.

You can tell by the top tube whether a certain model is designed for men or women. The top tube is lower on women's mountain bikes than on men's mountain bikes.


4) Gears and shifting

If you do a lot of uphills and long touring through the mountains, your bike should have a proper range of gears.

Do you feel the urge to get on your bike? Then take a look at our different mountain bike types:

·       Touring

·       Cross-Country Fullys

·       Trail Fullys

·       All-Mountain

·       Enduro

·       Dirt

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