For the most part, it’s pretty clear: those who like to ride off-road need a mountain bike, and roadies need a road bike.

But what about a gravel bike? Is it really a bike for all occasions or just a trend that will soon disappear?
And who is the new bike category suitable for anyway?


Please not another new bike category

You may have thought this more than once when the marketing machinery of the bicycle industry is at its best. Often enough we have experienced huge hypes and had to realise a little later that everything was just a short-lived trend that would soon disappear completely from the scene or at least into a small niche.

Boundless freedom far removed from pigeonhole thinking and descriptions of true jack-of-all-trades on two wheels" sound really tempting at first.
sound really tempting at first, don't they?"

The beginning of the gravel boom


But if you had taken a closer look at the start of the “boom”, disillusionment soon set in.

Bikes advertised as “adventure bikes” with a similar concept had long been available in the U.S., and often enough, early gravel bikes were nothing more than modified cyclocross models.

Today, we know how the story continued: gravel bikes have established themselves and evolved into a bike genre of their own with exciting features. They combine a wide variety of bike categories into an extremely versatile concept that is equally fun for training, everyday rides, and big adventures.


Who is a gravel bike for?


We’ve already stated that gravel bikes are real allrounders, so at the same time it’s clear that there is no one single area of application.

In addition, there are now subdivisions in the gravel bike category itself: while the classic gravel bike (like the Road Rage) represents a versatile mix of MTB and road bike, robust adventure bikes—mostly with steel frames—are primarily intended for extreme outdoor adventures.


Modern gravel bikes really do meet a wide range of demands by combining all kinds of functions in an unobtrusive and well thought-out way.

If you set up a gravel bike with narrow tyres and without any accessories, it is perfectly suitable as a light training tool that can easily replace your road bike, as long as you are not aiming for KOM awards and best times.

Nevertheless, a gravel bike does not shy away from small detours on unpaved roads. With fatter tyres and bikepacking accessories, your Gravel Bike will quickly become a touring bike with which you can enjoy great tours.

And if you install a rear rack and mudguards, your Gravel Bike becomes a practical everyday bike that you can use to go to the office or do your shopping.


If we leave aside the more specialised adventure bikes, the bottom line is that gravel bikes are exactly that: Their versatility, which gives you maximum freedom and spontaneity.

Whether you want to "fly" over asphalted roads or rattle along dirt and gravel paths far away from traffic - even small detours onto challenging trails are possible with a gravel bike. You can

  • cycle to work
  • enjoy your after-work ride or
  • or go on a holiday trip.

The point is: you do it all with a single bike - no other type of bike is as versatile!



Where can you ride a gravel bike?


Thanks to its versatile features, a gravel bike feels at home on a wide variety of terrains.

Let’s start with the road: since gravel bikes are relatively lightweight and usually come with moderate tire widths and light rolling treads, they’re great for putting in some serious miles on paved roads. Sure, a pure road bike has a slight edge here—but you’ll outrun a mountain bike by a wide margin.

When you need to go fast, a gravel bike is just right!


Our conclusion

If you had to choose one bike

We are often asked, "What bike would you choose if you could only own one?" -

We can answer this question quite clearly: "We would take a gravel bike!"


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