GHOST junior athlete Caden Jagt profile picture

Caden Jagt

Date of birth:08 September 2008
Height:180 cm
Weight:60 kg
Mentor:Anne Terpstra


Biking, traveling.

I started mountain biking when I was 6 years old, I joined Mountain Bike Club Bar-End in Apeldoorn when I was 11 years old. With the training at Bar-End, I developed my technical skills even more. From 2021 to 2022, I lived in the United States, during that time, I trained and raced throughout the country and gained a lot of experience in very different terrain. Since moving back to the Netherlands, I've continued to train at Bar-End and race in the Netherlands and Belgium. I also participate in road races.

This past summer, I raced at the European Championships finishing 12th individually. At the end of the summer, I tried something new and raced in a week-long Dutch road race, Tour de Junior - Ronde from Achterveld, finishing with the yellow jersey. It was fun but mountain biking is more fun to me. I ended the mountain biking season of 2022, 2nd in the Dutch National Championships. This year I'm really looking forward to training and racing with my Bar-end GHOST Junior Team and representing Bar-End and GHOST.