Path Asket Advanced

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Path Asket Advanced



Raw carbon

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This gravel bike pushes the boundaries between everyday riding, adventures, traditional cross-country and e-bikes. The frame features a quiet Fazua motor that doesn’t stand out in terms of appearance but its gentle support will make your commute faster and your weekend tours longer. The Path Asket Advanced is a solid and well-equipped bike offering comfort and fun even off the beaten track with its 40-mm Rock Shox fork.

Key Features

  • Battery and motor

    At only 2.2 kg, the battery allows for a perfectly integrated frame solution. When the bike is moved, the battery is automatically switched on. The matching charger is included. MOTOR WEIGHT 1.96 KG BATTERY CAPACITY 430 WH ADDITIONAL BATTERY 210 WH AVAILABLE TORQUE 60 NM
  • FAZUA RIDE 60 Road Control

    You can change riding modes with the Road Control simply by pressing an integrated button on the handlebars. The button is barely visible, but you can feel it on the underside of the handlebars. This allows you to switch between modes without having to look at the LED display. You can also switch the system on and off completely using the small button. Your mode is visualised with the help of the integrated LED HUB.

    With the FAZUA App, the riding modes can be completely individualised and predefined profiles can be downloaded directly. The FAZUA Desktop Software enables the dealer, but also the cyclist himself, to easily configure, update and diagnose faults via his own computer.