Mountainbiking underneath a sky of hot air balloons

Janik (photographer), Nikolaj (videographer), and I traveled to Turkey without much preparation to see if you can really go mountain biking in the influencer paradise of Cappadocia.

Mountain Biking at the Influencer Hotspot

"Influencer's Hotspot" - this is what you find when searching for Cappadocia on the internet. The scenery looks like a screensaver, staged and not at all real. Yet, my curiosity was piqued. Being on the trails with my GHOST RIOT AM against this backdrop - a dream! And thrilling because, at that point, I didn't know if there were any suitable trails.

Only a few days passed between my decision and arriving in Cappadocia. When we stepped out of the car at night, the shock was significant. Where are the mountains?

Trails as far as the eye can see

The next morning brought relief: we discovered countless valleys and elevations. From a distance, it also seemed like the entire area was bikeable, with endless ridge lines and trails. However, the next disappointment was not far behind. As we moved from spot to spot, it turned out that the lines were only as wide as the tires, making them absolutely impassable. A local guide eventually came to our aid, pointing out the best trails. I would always recommend asking someone local for advice.

With more time on hand, one could surely venture out independently and discover unseen spots. The area is huge!

Riding under a sky full of hot air balloons

Every morning, we were on our bikes at 5:00 am. That's when up to 100 hot air balloons ascend into the sky, creating a truly breathtaking sight. Even when you're right in the midst of it, seeing them with your own eyes still feels unreal, as if you're in a video game. It's an indescribable feeling to focus on the trails while being surrounded by colorful balloons.

I can only recommend to everyone to go mountain biking in Cappadocia at least once in their life. You come back with unforgettable pictures, but above all, lasting memories of the warmest hospitality and adventure.

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