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Those who like being off the beaten track aren’t on the lookout for speed or for aggressive shred-ding. For back country bikers the thrill is elsewhere: it’s all about the outdoor experience far from the madding crowds. That is what has inspired our bikes for explorers and trail seekers. An allrounder, made for adventure and reliability and that has something to fall back on when things get tough in the outback: The Plus 27.5-inch tyres can also be swapped for 29-inch tyres, the AMR bag system can be easily attached and for the Fullies we integrate the sophisticated technology of our AMR platform, down to the very last detail.


Clever system for explorers.

From micro adventures to weekend get-aways to extreme adventures: Backcountry means breaking out of your daily grind, pressure and stress. It means freedom which you create for yourself. And freedom starts at your doorstep! With our bag pack system and Backcountry bikes, genuine multi-use Swiss pocket knives, you are well equipped for any kind of adventure. Our AMR bag pack system can be attached to the GHOST AMR backpack and fits into nearly all of our frames. This is a great way to safely store your climbing equipment, for example and you can just pedal off without carrying a big load on your back. When you get to where you want to go, just take the bags off the bike, attach them to your backpack and let the climbing begin!


Our top models feature a Pinion gearbox transmission in the frame. In addition to being protected from the elements, the gearbox requires a minimum of maintenance and is extremely reliable. You can even shift gears while standing or under load. Gear overlap, increased chain wear and unprotected rear derailleurs are a relic of the past. A ratio bandwidth of more than 630% offers the perfect gear at any time.

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