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A premium quality entry-level-Fully that pays off!

For worry-free rides and boundless biking pleasure.

The KATO FS is the perfect illustration of the advantage of our platform concept. Our entry-level bike with all the Fully pleasure benefits from the experience and developments of our AMR-series - and that pays off The value for money is quite simply sensational! This is a very high quality yet user-friendly bike with superb damping kinematics and low-maintenance bearings. This makes it a completely carefree bike that, thanks to its balanced geometry, also puts the smile on beginners’ faces on tours and trails - not least because of the price.

internal cable routing for front derailleur

Tapered head tube

The conical standard for greater stiffness.

Butted tapering has many advantages, including weight reduction, greater stiffness and improved load distribution.

Full-complement bearings

Details that are worthwhile.

The highest standard for all! With these long-life ball bearings our mountain bikes are well protected against all influences, whether dirt, shear forces or wear.


Complex calculations for uncomplicated solutions.

Every last detail of our FEM-optimised frames has been improved using complex calculations. This results in simple solutions that are much more complex than they appear.

Bottle holder mount

Designed for thirst quenchers.

Thirst is the enemy of every cyclist. With the bottle holder mount we are well equipped, even if the ride is a bit longer than planned.

Four-joint rear suspension

The best on any trail.

Proven for years, this reliable rear suspension works according to a progressive principle in which the braking forces do not affect the suspension function. This guarantees maximum pedalling efficiency and traction - uphill and downhill.